Rock & Roll Concert Production - It's Not Just About the Brown M&M's Anymore

  • Room: 316
Wednesday, March 14, 2018: 6:00 PM - 7:15 PM


Donna J. Flor
Production Manager
James Moody
Jay Sheehan
Production Manager
San Diego State University
Jim Digby
Founder and Chairman
Event Safety Alliance®


Ever wonder what it is like to manage rock stars? Come listen as concert professionals discuss the ins and outs of production, stage and tour management, and what it takes to look after the rich and famous, both onstage and off.


Learning Objectives

• Pathways to jobs in concert production and tour management
• Understanding what it takes to deal with artistic temperaments
• Care of artists who are tired, hungry, and stressed out by the road
• Technical riders
• Night of show settlements
• Other duties and responsibilities
• Safety – physical and mental health
• Understanding how a tour is booked and routed to their local communities
• Understanding how to read and dissect a technical rider, including artist personal needs

  • Intermediate