Watch Your Waste: A Hands-On Exploration of Costume Design & Technology

  • Room: Palm B
Wednesday, March 14, 2018: 1:00 PM - 4:15 PM


Jessica Mueller
Head of Production Design
Belmont Universtiy
Stacey Galloway
Associate Professor of Costume Technology/Design
University of Florida


Recycling and unconventional materials blend with costume design and technology in this joint double hands-on session. Participants, working as teams, will design a costume based upon a recycling theme of paper, plastic, or metal. Each team will collaborate to complete a drawing of their design and to create a small scale version of their design. Unconventional materials that are normally recycled or thrown away will be provided to execute the small scale garments. Teams will be encouraged to complete their costume with as little waste of materials as possible.


Learning Objectives

Collaboration and creative thinking are key components to this session. Participants will work together using their design and construction skills while meeting a deadline. Thinking creatively and efficiently about use of materials will be highlighted by the "Watch Your Waste" theme.