Utilizing Technology for Digital Costume/Makeup Technology, Design, & Shop Management

  • Room: Grand Ballroom A
Wednesday, March 14, 2018: 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM


Allison Lowery
Wig and Makeup Specialist
University of Texas--Austin
Christianne Myers
Assoc. Prof. Theatre & Drama, costume design
University of Michigan
Tracy M. Ward
Costume Director
University of Kentucky Department of Theatre and Dance, UK Opera Theatre


You will want to throw out your old binders and your watercolors and paintbrushes because you’ve got…your tablet!  Costume and makeup communication tools are quickly shifting from old school watercolor and marker and show bible to tablet, stylus, and cloud-based collaboration. Presenters will show and demonstrate a variety of apps and software, techniques and digital tools for costume rendering, makeup rendering, as well as digitizing costume shop record keeping.


Learning Objectives

• Learn to render digital costumes on a tablet using available apps, different tools and layers, and import/export files.
• Learn to create realistic personalized makeup renderings using a stylus, a tablet, and several apps. Learn how to import a performer's photograph to use as a base, collaging images together to use as a drawing aid, create step-by-step makeup charts, and use the different tools in specific apps to create special drawing effects.
• Learn to digitize actor measurements, fitting notes, and even patterns or stock into searchable databases. Learn how to identify and incorporate common-use software to create easy to use databases that will forever set you free from stacks of binders whether you work alone, with students or in a professional shop.

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