You Want to do What, Where? Rigging in Non-Traditional Spaces

  • Room: Grand Ballroom F
Friday, March 16, 2018: 2:45 PM - 4:00 PM


Benjamin Cohen
Sales Manager
Chicago Flyhouse, Inc.
Edward Leahy
Head Trainer
Chicago Flyhouse, Inc.
Fred Caron
Senior Advisor for Acrobatic and Rigging Equipment
Cirque du Soleil Inc
Jonathan Deull
Executive Vice President
Clark Transfer Inc.


The entertainment industry has stretched far beyond the conventional stage and theatre-makers from students to professionals are being asked to rig safely in a wide variety of challenging venues. From cruise ships to commercial venues and from circus tents to the great outdoors, rigging in non-theater spaces has its own set of challenges. This panel discussion among a variety of working professionals will work from examples of unusual rigging situations to identify a broad set of concerns to be considered when rigging in a place that was not built for that purpose. Strategies and resources to address those concerns will also be discussed. Attendees will have the opportunity to put specific situations before the panel and the audience for discussion and brainstorming. This session qualifies for 1.25 ETCP Renewal Credits.


Learning Objectives

After the session, attendees should be able to:
• Assess the challenges and complicating factors of a non-traditional rigging situation
• Identify critical milestones along the path to a safe rig
• Locate industry standards that identify specific methodology to be followed regardless to location
• Compare the relative safety and likelihood of success of different rigging approaches for a given venue

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