Waste Reduction in Scenery Construction

  • Room: Grand Ballroom F
Wednesday, March 14, 2018: 4:30 PM - 5:45 PM


Alexander Owens
Technical Director
Lafayette College
Eric Mercer
Technical Director
Millikin University
Justin Miller
Assistant Professor
Southeast Missouri State University
Paul Brunner
Head of Theatre Technology
Indiana University


Waste reduction in any situation begins by first gaining a better understanding of what generates the waste.  There are several practical approaches to waste reduction, landfill diversion, re-purposing and recycling that can help most any scene shop be greener.  Learn about the challenges that can arise when beginning these efforts, hear success stories and resources, and discover ways you can begin to operate your scene shop in a more environmentally responsible way.


Learning Objectives

-Attendees will discover waste reduction techniques applicable to scenery construction (including landfill diversion methods, re-purposing techniques, and
recycling programs).
-Attendees will examine challenges to implementing these techniques in scenic construction shops, and ways to address those challenges.
-Attendees will develop resources and connections for starting (or expanding) waste reduction efforts in their own shops.

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