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Monaghan Medical Corporation (MMC), headquartered in Plattsburgh, New York (USA), is a leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of respiratory devices, from the flagship AeroChamber® Brand of Valved Holding Chamber (VHC) to the latest state-of-the-art Aerobika® OPEP therapy. These devices are supported by peer reviewed and published studies.

Brands: AeroChamber® aVHC, AeroEclipse® BAN, Aerobika® OPEP, TruZone® PFM, AeroVent Plus™, AeroChamber mini™, Strive ® Dual Zone Peak Flow Meter


  • Aerobika® Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure
    The Aerobika® Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) device is a convenient, user-friendly device that provides clinicians and their patients with a means for reliable, drug-free, natural airway clearance...

  • The Aerobika® OPEP device has a proprietary pressure-oscillation dynamic that delivers intermittent resistance and creates positive pressure and oscillations simultaneously. This opens weak or collapsed airways to mobilize and assist mucociliary clearance to the upper airways, where it can be coughed out.

    Clinical research has shown that use of the Aerobika® OPEP device improves the ability of a patient to bring up mucus, decreases cough frequency and breathlessness, and increases exercise tolerance, resulting in a better quality of life.

    The Monaghan Advantage

    • Convenient, user-friendly device for reliable airway clearance

    • Decreases cough frequency and breathlessness

    • Increases exercise tolerance

    • Designed to promote correct assembly

    • Easily transitions from hospital to compliant patient use at home

    • Aligns with hospital cost reduction and COPD management programs

    • Not made or manufactured with natural rubber latex, phthalates, lead or PVC

    • Designed and manufactured in North America

  • AeroChamber Mini ™ Holding Chamber (HC)
    The AeroChamber mini ™ HC is a unique device designed to deliver pMDI aerosols to patients in conjunction with mechanical ventilation, manual resuscitation bag, and standard aerosol resuscitation mask....

  • The AeroChamber mini ™ (HC) accepts standard pMDIs as well as those with integrated dose counters. It is a 110cc ergonomically correct chamber that connects easily to an endotracheal tube in front of a wye or HME in a ventilator circuit. It can be used with a standard aerosol resuscitation mask and is effective for use with low tidal volume patients.

    The Monaghan Advantage

    • Can use in conjunction with mechanical ventilation, manual resuscitation bag, and standard aerosol resuscitation mask
    • Effective with low tidal volume patients
    • Anti-static dual chamber design
    • Patented exhalation channel has one way valve
    • Accepts standard pMDIs and integrated dose counters
    • Backed by clinical evidence
    • Not made or manufactured with BPA, natural rubber latex, phthalates, lead or PVC
    • Designed and manufactured in North America
  • AeroChamber Plus ® Flow-Vu® aVHC
    AeroChamber Plus® Flow-Vu® Anti-Static Valved holding Chamber (aVHC) is trusted for the delivery of metered dose inhaler medication. It assures that patients receive the optimum amount of drug substantially equivalent to the MDI alone....

  • For dose assurance, the AeroChamber Plus® Flow-Vu® Anti-Static Valved Holding Chamber (aVHC) is trusted for the delivery of metered dose inhaler medication.The prorietarysuch as the exclusive Flow-Vu® Inspiratory Indicator help provide assurance of correct use. The optimally designed anti-static chamber ensures an accurate delivery system with consistent medication availability.

    • ComfortSeal® Mask is an anatomically designed facemask that contours to the face providing a secure seal
    • EZ Flow Exhalation Valve minimizes re-breathing and directs exhaled flow away from the patient's face
    • Latex free mask to safeguard against facial irritation
    • Flow-Vu® Inspiratory Indicator ensures caregivers they have a good facemask seal. The indicator moves with respiration and only moves when there is a good facemask seal

    • Low dead space volume that leads to improved overall aerosol delivery efficiency

    • Universal backpiece fits most commonly prescribed MDIs

    • Clear anti-static chamber provides consistent aerosol delivery right out of the package, with no pretreatment required

    • Chamber and valve combination have the most peer-reviewed studies worldwide

    • Dishwasher safe 

    • Not Made or Manufactured with BPA
  • AeroEclipse® II Breath Actuated Nebulizer (BAN)
    The AeroEclipse® II Breath Actuated Nebulizer ( BAN) produces aerosol in response to the patient's inspiratory flow. This patient on- demand therapy means less medication waste, higher drug delivery efficiency and safer clinician working environments...

  • Combining the benefits of breath acutation and superior aerosol particle size, The AeroEclipse® II BAN delivers the industry's most effective respirable dose. Supported by clinical evidence, the  AeroEclipse® II BAN provides approved dosing protocols throughout the hospital and for all patient populations

    The Monaghan Advantage

    • Breath actuated technology
    • Consistent respirable dose

    • Virtually no drug lost to the environment

    • Protection from secondhand aerosols

    • Minimal medication waste

    • Efficient treatment times

    • Built-in mode selector allows convenient, easy operation in either breath actuated or continuous mode

    • Biofeedback button confirms actuation and inhalation

    • Reduced ER length-of-stay and admission rates

    • User-friendly EZ Twist Tubing for easy assembly and removal

    • Not made or manufactured with BPA, natural rubber latex, DHEP or lead

  • AeroEclipse® XL Breath Actuated Nebulizer BAN
    The AeroEclipse® XL Breath Actuated Nebulizer (BAN) provides a hospital-quality nebulizer treatment for the homecare environment. The AeroEclipse® XL BAN is designed to improve patient compliance for nebulizer treatments outside the hospital....

  • Activating only in response to the patient’s inspiratory flow, AeroEclipse® XL BAN maintains available drug during exhalation phase, providing patients the ability to take a break or have a conversation without drug loss. Paired with the Ombra® Compressor, the AeroEclipse® XL BAN puts patients in control of their therapy. 

    The Monaghan Advantage

    • Breath actuated technology nebulizer

    • Durable, 6-month reusable design

    • Allows for breaks in treatment without drug loss

    • Minimal exposure of caregivers and family members to second hand aerosols

    • Optimal performance with the OMBRA® Compressor System

    • Nebulizer designed for high level disinfection and dishswasher safe

    • Not made or manufactured with BPA, natural rubber latex, DEHP or lead

  • AeroTrach Plus® anti-static valved holding chamber
    AeroTrach Plus® aVHC is a simple and cost-effective system for special-need tracheostomy patients quickly delivering medicine where it is needed most - straight to the patient's lungs-with the least discomfort to the patient....

  • The AeroTrach Plus® aVHC is an anti-static polymer chamber that minimizes static charge and improves aerosol availability. The see-through chamber allows caregivers to visualize the medication dose in the chamber.

    Consistent concentrations are delivered on inspiration only. Exceptional particle suspension time of the AeroTrach Plus® aVHC delivers a cost-effective treatment. 

    The Monaghan Advantage

    • Proprietary anti-static polymer ensures consistent and optimum medication delivery
    • Comfort sensitive design for special needs patients
    • Easy actuation with minimal inspiratory effort
    • Minimizes static charge and provides consistent aerosol availability
    • Compatible with most commonly prescribed MDIs
    • Not made or manufactured with BPA, natural rubber latex, DEHP or lead
    • Designed and manufactured in North America
  • AeroVent Plus™ Collapsible Holding Chamber
    The AeroVent Plus ™ CHC is designed to be placed in the inspiratory limb of a ventilator circuit without any additional flow, unlike a jet nebulizer. It can lessen the risk of a nosocomial infection by maintaining a closed circuit....

  • The unique AeroDock canister port allows the AeroVent Plus™ CHC to accept standard pMDIs and those with integrated counters. With a full size chamber size, the 155cc AeroVent Plus™ allows for full plume development to provide maxium aerosol availability.The aerosol jet is directed into the mainstream of the inspiratory flow thereby improving aerosol delivery by minimizing technique error.

    The Monaghan Advantage

    Maintains ventilator closed circuit integrity

    • Fits virtually every type of adult ventilator circuit
    • Easy to open and close with less disruption
    • Collapsible unit is designed to be left in the circuit
    • Accepts pMDIs commonly used in hospitals
    • Effectively delivers a dose of MDI medication through the breathing circuit
    • Backed by clinical evidence
    • Not made or manufactured with BPA, natural rubber latex, phthalates, lead or PVC
    • Manufactured in the United States
  • Doc Monaghan® Educational Program
    The Doc Monaghan® Educational Program engages children and describes in easy to understand language, what is happening and why. Doc Monaghan® makes learning fun and helps children understand that asthma is a disease that is manageable....

  • The Doc Monaghan® Educational Program includes a DVD, a coloring book, children's story book and parents guide.  All part of the AeroBear® Educational series.

    Asthma management programs supported by the Doc Monaghan® Educational Program have shown:

    Within a 7 day period*:

    • Hospital Readmission rates went from 15% to 0%
    • ER readmission rates went from 15% to 0%

    Within 30 day period*:

    • Hopsital Readmission rates went from 38% to 0%
    • ER readmission rates went from 18% to 0%

    In one year of using the program **:

    • 29% decrease in discharges
    • 37% reduction in hospitalization

    In two years of using the program**:

    • 55% total decrease in discharges
    • 54% total reduction in hospitalization
    • 30 % reduction in ER visits
  • Strive® Dual Zone Peak Flow Meter
    The Strive® PFM is designed with both the clinician and patient in mind. For patients, the small , slim device is designed to fit in your pocket. For the clinician, the universal device provides accurate measurements for any patient population.....

  • The Strive® PFM provides accurate measurements for patient population from 5 years old through adult. The Strive® PFM combines a low flow scale and standard scale in one device, providing the option to replace two devices with one device, reducing the number of items to inventory.

    The Monaghan Advantage

    • Portable device makes it easy to track day-to-day changes in peak expiratory flow
    • Measurements from 50-800L/min accommodated
    • Measures two distinct zones: 50-350 L/min and 200-800L/min
    • Easy to clean, top shelf dishwasher safe
    • Not made or manufactured with natural rubber latex, phthalates, lead or PVC
    • Designed and manufactured in North America
  • TruZone® Peak Flow Meter
    The TruZone® Peak Flow Meter (PFM) is a true advance in helping patients monitor their condition and effectively manage their asthma....

  • Built around the NAEEP guidelines and the ATS Standardization of Spirometry, TruZone® PFM delivers the precision, accuracy and repeatability health care professionals require. Designed around patients needs, the TruZone® PFM is reliable, easy to use and portable.

    The Monaghan Advantage

    • Easy to set up and use. Apply the unique ColorZone® Tape and zones are instantly and accurately established
    • More precise. The TruZone® PFM log scale provides a more easily read, precise peak flow measure in clinically critical low-flow areas.
    • Truly versatile. One size fits all TruZone® PFM  measures peak flows from 60 lpm to 800 lpm.  Pediatric to adult and for all lung disorders
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