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Mova / TurtleTech Design Inc.

San Diego,  CA 
United States
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The Science of the Perfect Gift

Brands: MOVA Globes, MOVA Cubes, MOVA Minis

 Show Specials

  • (Nov 11, 2016)
    Free UPS Ground shipping on orders placed during the show. No minimum order required. Up to $200 in freight covered. Valid only on locations within the Continental USA.

 Press Releases

  • MOVA International’s newest design is sure to carry the tranquility  and peace of the sea into the home. 

    SAN DIEGO, CA, October 25, 2016 

    After receiving endless requests, the new Sea Life MOVA Globe is finally here. The Sea Life MOVA Globe is the first-ever MOVA Globe to feature an underwater seascape design. Greatly influenced by the sky and seascapes, Robin Koni is the artist behind this stunning design. Koni’s vivacious design allows you to explore the treasures of the sea in the comfort of your home. Follow the lively marine life through the deep blue sea and cotton candy-colored sky as the globe rotates on its own in ambient light.

    New Design, Same Technology

    At the core of the Sea Life MOVA Globe is a special motion mechanism made of solar cells and magnets. When exposed to light, the Sea Life MOVA Globe rotates continuously on its own, independently of any surface, allowing one to view the artwork printed on the sphere in awe.

    Modernizing Home Décor and Gifts

    Using a combination of perpetual motion and artistic brilliance, MOVA International thrives in the market for moving, futuristic home décor. The new Sea Life MOVA Globe was designed for animal lovers, ocean enthusiasts, and any individual looking to bring the serenity of the ocean home with them. With this new design, MOVA International hopes to introduce this state-of-the-art item to a new audience, give their product a more decorative appeal, and make gifting MOVA Creations more accessible.

    The Sea Life MOVA Globe is available for purchase on

    About MOVA International

    MOVA International was founded in 2003, with a dream to recreate the magic and peaceful motion of planet Earth. Using advanced, eco-friendly technology, they strive to create beautiful home décor products that fascinate people and remind them of the calming nature of our planet. Their innovative product lines are award-winning and include the MOVA Globes, MOVA Cubes, and MOVA Minis. 


  • Jupiter MOVA Globe
    A recreation of the solar system's largest planet, turning on its own using light. Other planets and moons available....

  • Known as the King of Planets, Jupiter is the largest and arguably the most beautiful planet in our solar system. With a diligent recreation that includes the planet’s characteristic blue and brown bands, atmospheric storms, and notable “Great Red Spot”, the Jupiter MOVA Globe is a breathtaking depiction of the magnificent gas planet. Part of the MOVA Space collection featuring planets, moons, stars, and other celestial bodies.

  • MOVA Cube
    A modern take on the globe, featuring a sphere that rotates and floats inside a cube. Powered by light. 4 available designs....

  • The MOVA® Cube adds a new dimension of wonder to our creations. Evocative of an object from the future, this striking cube houses a globe that rotates continuously on its own. A complex mixture of fluids gives the globe the ability to float perfectly in the center, no matter how the cube is picked up or moved. With such innovative wizardry and a striking geometric design, the MOVA® Cube is a unique addition to the gift market.
  • MOVA Globe
    Our most popular product line. MOVA Globes are unique, decorative globes that turn continuously on their own when placed in light, no batteries or wires needed. Available in multiple designs and sizes....

  • The award-winning MOVA® Globe is our flagship product; the realization of our inventor’s dream to create an anchor piece that inspires wonder and relaxation. Expertly crafted to simulate perpetual motion, the luxurious MOVA® Globe comes to life in ambient light, providing therapeutic calm with its silent rotation and adding interest to any space with its balance of classic form and contemporary style. Handmade in a variety of captivating collections, the MOVA Globe reinvents the very idea of a globe, offering a compelling magical experience never before imagined in a decor piece. Contemplate the full beauty and possibilities of our world with the MOVA Globe.
  • MOVA Mini
    Petite globes that rotate on their own using light. Our smallest line of globes featuring famous artworks and whimsical designs....

  • More than just a downsized offering, the MOVA Mini functions as a whole new product line with a faster rotational speed, a more lightweight design, and a more modest price point. At the core of the MOVA Mini is a special motion mechanism made of solar cells and magnets. When exposed to light, the MOVA Mini rotates continuously on its own, independently of any surface, allowing one to view the artwork printed on the sphere in awe.

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