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Zazu Kids

Brooklyn,  NY 
United States
  • Booth: 7077

Kids Sleep Better with Zazu (and parents too!)

Zazu Kids, is a Mom owned, Dutch design company that makes inventive products that helps kids sleep better (and parents too)

Brands: Zazu Kids, Valco Baby Doll Strollers

 Press Releases

  • Zazu Kids, a Dutch designed brand, is proud to debut two new products in North America at the NY NOW Show that will help kids sleep better. The modern PAM Nightlight is also a cute easy to use sleep trainer that lets kids know when its ok to get out of bed in the morning. An added feature to this color changing LED nightlight is a wireless speaker through which kids can listen to soothing music, stories and the like while lying in bed. Rechargeable batteries make this protable Night Light truly unique. Come check it out. MSRP 49.99 in 3 colors.

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  • SAM Sleep Trainer Night Light & Clock by Zazu Kids
    This adorable Dutch Designed Sheep helps kids learn time as well as getting parents some extra sleep! SAMs eyes are set to close when its time to go to sleep and open when its ok to wake up. Available in 3 colors. MSRP $49.99...

  • The Zazu Kids SAM Sleeptrainer Clock & Nightlight is the bedtime helper you've been looking for. Designed in the Netherlands, the sleek design and intelligent wake up technology will help get your little one sleeping and waking on schedule. With easy visual cues SAM’s eyes and the color changing screen can be set to indicate bedtime, almost wake up time and morning.  The digital and analog screen will help kids learn to the time and can be set as an alarm clock. Clock can be powered by cord for home use or switched to batteries when on the go.     Teaches children when it’s time to get up and when to stay in bed. Kids relate to SAM and his visual cues like a friend.

    • SAM’s Eyes close at bedtime or naptime and countdown to wakeup time so kids know it’s near and open in the morning when it’s ok to get up. Set at a specific time or by length of nap. 
    • Modern, sleek Dutch designed sheep that will suit any nursery or children’s room décor.
    • Grows with the child from toddler and beyond. Teaches analog and digital time. 
  • LOU FIN LIZ DEX & DON by Zazu Kids
    Check out these innovative products from Zazu Kids: LOU, FIN, DEX, LIZ, DON Zazu products feature modern designs that are not just beautiful but functional as well. Our aim is to get you (and your kids) a better nights sleep! ...

  • Check out these innovative products from Zazu Kids: LOU is the nightlight that that is activated by a childs cry
    FIN is an adorable portable night/reading  light that encourages kids to read in bed while maintaining a consistent sleep environment. Heartbeat Toys. These adorable plush toys also contain a sound machine that is both sound and play activated with an auto shut off after 10 minutes. Availablein an  adorable Sheep, Donkey & Dog


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