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Duke Cannon Supply Co.

Wayzata,  MN 
United States
  • Booth: 7965

Gifts for men. (that don't suck)

Duke Cannon Supply Co. launched on Veteran's Day of 2011. The company offers a range of top ranked affordable and practical gifts for men. Duke Cannon products are 100% MADE IN USA, field tested by Active Duty Military, and give back to several Veteran's Causes.

Brands: Duke Cannon Supply Co, Big Ass Brick of Soap, Best Damn Beard Oil, Big Ass Beer Soap

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  • Big A** Brick of Soap - Victory
    Big A** Brick of Soap - Victory...

  • The Duke Cannon Supply Co. Big Ass Brick of Soap is designed to meet the high standards of hard working men who want to get clean and smell good without using feminine shower gels and accessories. True to its name, our soap is big (10 oz.) and will last much longer than the chick-sized bars in your local grocery. It also smells awesome (clean, fresh scent with a hint of grass) and contains steel cut grains for maximum gripability. If you enjoy activities like drinking american beer or using power tools, then frankly, this is the only soap meant for you.

    MSRP $8-10
    Cost $4.5/unit

  • Big A** Brick of Soap - Naval Supremacy
    Big A** Brick of Soap - Naval Supremacy...

  • While other blue soaps are named "ocean force" or "summer mist," our blue soap is the only one big enough to be named "naval supremacy." with a package sporting the official colors of the U.S. Navy, this superior grade product weighs in at a hefty 10 oz. And has steel cut grains for maximum grip. Has a refreshing "ocean" scent.

    MSRP $8-10
    Cost $4.5/unit

  • Big A** Brick of Soap - Accomplishment
    Big A** Brick of Soap - Accomplishment...

  • This new soap product from Duke Cannon supply Co. is designed to meet the high standards of hard working men. The incredibly masculine scent of bergamot and black pepper evoke a feeling of drinking a fine scotch in a wood-paneled den. Simply put, it is the scent of accomplishment. Like all duke cannon soap products, each brick is large (10 oz.) and contains steel cut grains for maximum grip.

    MSRP $8-10
    Cost $4.5/unit

  • Big A** Brick of Soap - Productivity
    Big A** Brick of Soap - Productivity...

  • For the early rising man who leads a life of productivity, duke cannon created a soap with a hint of menthol to cool the skin and wake him up so he can get things done. This new superior grade product from duke cannon has a fresh mint smell and contains steel cut grains for maximum grip. Net wt. 10 oz.

    MSRP $8-10
    Cost $4.5/unit

  • Big A** Beer Soap
    Big A** Beer Soap...

  • One day while sipping a refreshing shower beer, Duke Cannon got the idea - what if we put beer in the soap? Turns out there are actual skin benefits that come from the beer, but that's just a nice side benefit of doing something awesome. So, we partnered with our friends at Old Milwaukee, purveyors of a quality domestic lager enjoyed by hard-working Americans since 1849. The result is a large Big Ass Beer Soap that suds up well, gets you clean, and smells outstanding. (It doesn't smell like beer - it has a woodsy, sandalwood scent that smells like a man should.)

    MSRP $9-10
    Cost $5/unit

  • Cold Shower Cooling Soap Cubes
    Cold Shower Cooling Soap Cubes...

  • The latest and greatest soap from Duke Cannon: Cold shower cooling soap cubes.

    While paving asphalt in the south Texas heat, Duke Cannon longs for two things: a cold beverage and a blast chiller of a shower. Built with a unique cooling formula, these soap cubes are able to crank the cold after 16-hour work days, not 45-minute tennis lessons. The unique square box contains two (2) cooling soap cubes made of glycerin.

    A 6-ct. case contains 6 cube boxes, with each box containing two soap cubes. Cool mint scent.

    MSRP $9-10
    Cost $5/unit

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