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Diane Dorsey

Santa Fe,  NM 
United States
  • Booth: 8348

Designer and Co-Founder

Original, passionate and trained in a range of artistic disciplines, Diane - and her work - is a study in balance. With a BFA and private studies with Master Gold and Silversmiths, Diane's jewels are informed by a technician's knowledge and an artist's eye.

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  • Architect. Painter. Feline Fancier. Soul seeker.

    Diane Dorsey’s aesthetic as a jewelry designer comes from a place of life experience. The soaring successes and the thought-provoking twists. Her ability to channel that spirit through noble metals is a testament to her skill as an artisan, sure. But more importantly, her essence as a woman who’s lived.

    Just hold a piece in your hands and you will feel the story that brought that piece to life.

    With a formal education culminating in a BFA in painting and architecture and an MA in Art Education, Diane’s work is informed by a technician’s knowledge of form and balance as well as an artist’s eye for scale and patina. Found objects collected around the world on travels with her husband inspired the first pieces and sparked a thirst to learn metalsmithing. “The Raven,” one of the initial creations from this period remains a coveted signature necklace and represents Diane’s love of all creatures great and small.

    But it’s Diane’s understanding of how all beings interact in this world that drives her designs.  Organic forms perfect in their original state – an egg, a staurolite crystal, a four-leaf clover. Both modern and pre-historic, raw yet elegant. Shapes that are cross-cultural symbols of communication from nature-made to man-made; labyrinths, petroglyphs or even a raven’s feather all manifest into precious silver and gold jewels.

    Her passion to work with respect to the stewardship of the environment, spawned Diane’s affiliation with Ethical Metalsmiths, Women’s Jewelry Association and the American Craft Council.  Committed to working exclusively with the rich integrity of recycled 18kt gold and sterling silver, each piece is a sculpture in miniature. Sensual to the touch, crafted with intention and quintessentially easy to wear. Forms and themes eternally feminine and powerful, just like Diane herself.

    Diane lives with her husband Ron and two Abyssinians Blubie and Sunny in the lush region near the Tesuque River in New Mexico.


  • Staurolite Cuff and Staurolite Pendant
    Jewelry inspired by natural staurolite, a rare mineral that has twinned crystals that form into the shape of a cross. Staurolite is a talisman of good luck...always have luck on your side with this cuff and pendant....

  • Solid sterling silver staurolite cuff bracelet with fused 18K yellow gold. Dark oxidixed matte patina. Inside measures 2 1/2" x 1 5/8".

    Stunning solid 18K gold handcarved staurolite pendant. Pendant measures 5/8". 18" black steel chain.

    Additional details and images can be found at 

  • River Necklace & Waterfall Necklace
    Beaded necklaces of ethically sourced natural color diamonds and handmade recycled 18K yellow gold beads. ...

  • Beaded necklace of handcrafted 18k 'stone' beads, natural gray diamonds, vintage natural Nevada 8 Mine turquoise heishi and delicate 18k round beads.  18K handmade clasp.  18". 


    Double beaded necklace of natural gray and yellow diamonds and tiny 18K beads.  Handmade 18K clasp.  Necklace measures 18" and 24".  


    Additional images and description can be found at

  • Silver & Gold Large Clover Rings
    Handcarved and handcast recycled solid sterling silver and sterling silver/gold vermeil clover rings....

  • Hand carved and cast sterling silver clover ring with a matte finish, 18K gold vermeil clover and oxidized patina on shank. Size 7. Clover measures 1" to 1 1/8".


    Hand carved and cast sterling silver clover ring with a matte finish and oxidized patina. Size 7. Clover measures 1" to 1 1/8".


    All Diane Dorsey Jewelry is made from recyled sterling silver and recycled 18K yellow gold. 

  • Radiate Pendant and Clover Pendant
    Luck and Light Pendants of recycled sterling silver and recycled 18K yellow gold....

  • Radiate Pendant:  Hand carved and cast sterling silver pendant with 18K gold vermeil.  Matte finish and black oxidized patina on 24" 18K cable chain and 18K jump ring.  Pendant is 2 1/2" long.


    Clover Pendant:  Hand carved and cast solid 18K gold clover pendant on 18" 18K gold cable chain.


    Additional images and informations can be found at


  • Staurolite and Leather Necklace
    This necklace is inspired by staurolite, a rare mineral that has twinned crystals that form into the shape of a cross....

  • Handcarved and cast solid sterling silver staurolites on Greek cord.  Matte finish and oxidized patina.  Adjustable length. Cross measures 5/8".  


    Additional detail and images are available at  All Diane Dorsey Jewelry is made from recycled sterling silver.

  • Elements Necklace
    Earth, wood, fire and water charms on a black steel chain....

  • Earth, wood, fire, water and metal charms.  Sterling silver, 18K gold and Herkimer Diamond.  Black steel chain. 18 in.


    All Diane Dorsey Jewelry is handmade from recycled sterling silver and 18K gold and ethically sourced gemstones.  Find additional images and information at

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