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Anne Vaughan Designs Jewelry

Floyd,  VA 
United States
  • Booth: 8637

Unique handcrafted designer jewelry in layered collections.

Unique handcrafted designer jewelry, designed in layered collections with specific color palettes.  Individually made in America by studio artisans.

 Press Releases

  • Floyd VA - Anne Vaughan Designs (AVD) is proud to announce the milestone of entering their 10th year in business.  What started as Anne creating one of a kind designs in her home has evolved into a full production studio located in the rural entrepreneurial community of Floyd Virginia.

    AVD has become the leader in designing layered jewelry collections focused around color collage, and each design still is individually made by hand with Anne's original guarantee.

    Collections vary by season with permanent collections always available.

    For more information, please contact the AVD studio at 540-745-7947 or


  • Windsor Castle
    Showcasing a modern elegance, our Windsor Castle collection features gemstones, crystal and mixed metals in perfect harmony....

  • Absolutely stunning collection that has been our best selling line for three years! Glass crystals, sterling silver, antique plated brass, quartz, pyrite and more create earrings, bracelets and necklaces that are elegant and timeless.

    • Sterling silver, antique silver plated brass, sterling silver earwires (all our metals are lead and nickel-free)
    • Glass crystal, pyrite, druzi, labrodorite, Swarovski glass pearl, smokey quartz, filigree, Czech glass
    • Prices range from $9 earrings to $69 necklaces
  • Summer Rain
    Show off the warmth and beauty of a summer rain with our brand new collection!...

  • Dripping with the warm colors of summer, sterling silver and gemstones including flourite, aquamarine, and more create earrings, bracelets and necklaces with light-hearted elegance.

    • Sterling silver (lead and nickel-free)
    • Flourite, apatite, Czech glass, aquamarine, hessonite, garnet, crystal
    • Prices range from $14 earrings to $59 necklaces
  • Crisp Autumn
    Combining the warm colors and beauty of antique brass, leather, crystal and gemstones, our Crisp Autumn collection is naturally stunning....

  • Mixed media showcasing the clean lines and warm colors of autumn. Antique brass, crystal, leather, pearl and more are used to create earrings, bracelets and necklaces that are simple, elegant and beautiful.

    • Antique brass (lead and nickel-free), leather
    • Glass crystal, freshwater pearl, agate, Czech glass, chalcedony, turquoise
    • Prices range from $13 earrings to $52 necklaces
  • Abalone
    Highlighting abalone's natural beauty, variation and elegance is the focus of one of our favorite collections....

  • Clean lines and complimentary accents allow the natural beauty of abalone to shine through in this graceful collection. Abalone shell is paired with sterling silver, pearl, gemstones and more to create earrings, bracelets and necklaces that are simply refined.

    • Sterling silver, oxidized sterling silver (lead and nickel-free)
    • Abalone shell, Czech glass, agate, freshwater pearl, druzi
    • Prices range from $11 earrings to $74 necklaces
  • Smitten
    Show your love with our Smitten collection, featuring gemstones, druzi and more on sterling silver....

  • Brilliant and intense, the combination of pearls, druzi, gemstones and sterling silver create earrings, bracelets and necklaces that sparkle like your love!

    • Sterling silver (lead and nickel-free)
    • Freshwater pearl, druzi, Czech glass, flourite, amethyst, ruby, chrysophase, aquamarine, pink amethyst, labrodorite
    • Prices range from $11 earrings to $145 necklaces
  • Gentle Breeze
    Fresh and light, our Gentle Breeze collection features gemstones and sterling silver blended together to feel like a bright spring day....

  • Clean shapes and spring colors are the focus of this cheerful collection. Moonstone, jasper amethyst and more are set on sterling silver to create earrings, bracelets and necklaces that are delightfully fresh!

    • Sterling silver (lead and nickel-free)
    • Moonstone, jasper, amazonite, green amethyst, prehinite, smokey quartz, Czech glass, flourite
    • Prices range from $11 earrings to $84 necklaces
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