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Creature Cups/Pendleton International

Austin,  TX 
United States
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Hidden creatures in your cup

Brands: Creature cups

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  • (Feb 02, 2017)
    For all orders placed at the show, free shipping domestic USA!

 Press Releases

  • Austin, TX – February 2017 – Creature Cups, a company creating unique tea and coffee mugs will introduce their limited edition designed collection of mystical creatures that feature a lion, a wolf, and a dragon.  With 20 different creatures and three different cup colors to choose from, the creatures range from an octopus lounging at the bottom to an elephant or T-Rex.  What is more, each cup is dishwasher and microwave safe. 

    Available in regular (11oz.) and large (15oz.) sizes (MSRP 14.99-19.99), as well as sets (MSRP 26.99-35.99), Creature Cups unique designs make the different collections, Sea, Earth and Creepy, the center of attention at any morning gathering.  Creature Cups are not only a unique gift but are a sure way to add a unique style to anyone’s morning coffee or tea.

    Attendees will want to be sure to visit Creature Cups at Booth #3649 at the NY Now Show 2017 to view all the creatures available


    Creature Cups was created by Yumi Yumi, a group of designers based out of Brooklyn, New York.   A super fun project that’s grown organically for several years,t all began one dreary Monday morning when Lead Designer Michael Lam was staring into his coffee wishing mornings were more fun.  Now there are plenty of friends for him to share his morning coffee with and the growing line of products are fueled by a passion for loving life.


  • Creatures of the Sea
    Ceramic mugs with sea creatures inside. Creatures emerge as you drink....

  • We've had these little creatures swiming around our heads --just trying to get out.  We didn't know where they were trying to go until one day they told us -- your coffee! They wanted to drink up your coffee and soak in your tea.  Discover the different sea creatures available in our "Creatures of the Sea" line.  Some examples are the manatee, octopus, lobster, crocodile, and etc.  
  • Creatures of the Land
    Ceramic mugs with land creatures inside. Creature emerges as you drink....

  • From the Tyrannosaurus Rex to the curious rabbit, the "Creatures of the Land" line has a wide range of creatures for you to discover and love.  Find the perfect companion to your morning coffee or tea.  
  • Creepy Cups™
    Hidden creepers at the bottom of your cup. Creeper emerges as you drink....

  • Having a cup of joe with your creepy friend will surely wake you up in the morning!  These ceramic Creepy Cups ™ come in black with creatures like the cthulhu, spider, and skull.
  • Creature Bowls
    Ceramic bowls with creatures inside. Creature emerges as you eat or drink....

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  • Limited Edition
    Limited edition ceramic mugs. Creature emerges as you drink....

  • Lions, dragons, wolves, oh my!  Check out our limited edition creatures featuring the majestic lion, the fire-breathen dragon, and the magical direwolf.  They are bound to take you somewhere on your coffee or tea drinking journey.

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