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Javits Center, NYC


Rancho Cucamonga,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 3653

VITERRA - The Art of Glass - VITERRA LIGHTS - Table Lamps

VITERRA is a boutique art glass brand which esthetically combines design innovation with handmade tradition. VITERRA provides a precious selection of art glass pieces for homes, public spaces and collectors.

VITERRA LIGHTS is a collection of table lamps, with bases in art glass techniques.


 Show Specials

  • VITERRA haa a special program for FREE, or reduced freight for qualifying orders placed at NY NOW. Please visit our booth # 3653, or contact your local sales representative, or VITERRA Customer Service - by phone (909) 987-6346 - or by email

    Orders ship from Rancho Cucamonga, CA - our FOB point

    $500 oders at cost prices have their freight cost capped at 10% - so for only $50 orders will ship anywhere in the continental US

    $800 orders at cost prices have their freight capped at 5%

    $1,200 orders at cost prices ship freight FREE


 Press Releases




    For Immediate Release                             For additional information:

    NY NOW Booth # 3653                            Tage Strom, Brand Ambassador

                                                                     (973) 580-2247

    Viterra to Exhibit Table Lamps and New Art Glass at NY NOW

    Rancho Cucamonga, CA --- The boutique art glass company Viterra will showcase new

    handmade art glass objects and a series of table lamps at NY NOW. The evolving collection

    is curated for the North American home goods market by Erica Friedman, an experienced glass

    blower herself. The brand is intended for independent retailers, home goods galleries, design

    shops and museum stores.

                The Viterra art glass collection is continuously changing, with new techniques, different

    shapes and seasonally trend right colors. There are by now some 144 SKU’s. The table lamps

    utilize bases made in art glass techniques and have linen shades. The table lamp collection is

    branded Viterra Lights and has been well received by the interior design community.

                New items for NY NOW include the Midnight vases, a series of four cylindrical shapes

    with architectural proportions. They are smaller in scale than many existing Viterra items and

    thus perfect for New York living. New are also the Sequoia vases in a cased black and frosted

    amber art glass technique. There are two vases and a rose bowl in this new design.

    About VITERRA:                                                                                         

    VITERRA is a boutique art glass brand, based in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. The handmade collection includes vases, centerpieces, bowls, platters, candlesticks and objets d’art.  VITERRA LIGHTS is a new collection of table lamps with bases in art glass techniques. The company has permanent showrooms in Atlanta, Las Vegas, as well as at the corporate office in Rancho Cucamonga. Viterra participates in NY NOW at Javits Center

  • (Dec 20, 2016)




    Why  VITERRA  Art Glass?


    -        A boutique art glass brand, presenting new collections in New York at:


    NY NOW – Javits Center, Tabletop, Level 3, booth # 3653


    -        Introducing a new collection of VITERRA Lights table lamps, with bases made in art glass techniques and double layered linen shades


    -        A collection curated by Erica Friedman, a glass blower in her own right


    -        Some 144 art glass SKU’s to select from


    -        Art glass items for independent home goods retailers, design shops, galleries and museum stores. Established retail distribution


    -        Large pieces perfect for public spaces – boutique hotels, banks, offices, lobbies – and for the interior design community


    -        Vases, bowls, platters, centerpieces, candleholders, animal figurines and other design objects in trend right colors


    -        Digital photos and photo samples available


    Catalog available   (909) 987-6346  



  • Honeycomb vases
    A series of art glass vases, combining a color shift technique with a honeycomb patterned shape. A table lamp is available with the base made in similar art glass technique...

  • Honeycomb art glass vases, handmade by master blowers at VITERRA. A table lamp with base made in similar handmade shape is available under the name VITERRA LIGHTS. Perfect for homes, public spaces, interior design projects and for collectors.
  • Shimmer
    Shimmer, art glass objects handmade by VITERRA....

  • Shimmer is a series of handmade art glass objects by VITERRA. The collection includes vases in four sizes and an impressive 19" diameter platter. There is also a Shimmer table lamp, made with the base is similar art glass technique by VITERRA LIGHTS.
  • Tiger Eye
    A collection of two vases and a platter by VITERRA...

  • Tiger Eye is an art glass collection in amber gray, with a satin finish by VITERRA. Included are two handmade vases and a platter.
  • Sateen
    Two beautiful art glass vases in soft organic shapes by VITERRA....

  • Sateen vases come in two sizes. They have a soft organic shape which is ideal for flower arrangements. Beautifully crafted in a combination of red, purple and clear glass by the master blowers of VITERRA
  • Ribbon
    Ribbon vases and bowls by VITERRA....

  • Ribbon is an extensive art glass collection by VITERRA. Ribbon comes in aqua, gray, blue and clear versions, all with a thick, handmade decorative ribbon design element. Vases are crafted in 4 sizes - 8, 10, 12 & 16" height - and there is a very pleasing 7" diameter bowl.
  • Flame
    Art glass design with two bowls, a vase and a platter...

  • Flame art glass objects are made by VITERRA in a striking red/orange colorway. The smaller 7" bowl is a precious gift item and the 18" diameter platter is an impressive interior design item.
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