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Harkiss Designs

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Everything is handcrafted and every sale makes a difference

Every product is made by East African artisans and we carefully selected the talented artisans and the sustainable materials they use. Harkiss is also Fair-Trade certified, so you can trust that each and every product is ethically sourced and produced.

Brands: Harkiss Designs, Circle of Hands Uganda

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  • passionate Capitalism' is key for fashion and lifestyle brand, Harkiss Designs. The lifestyle accessories brand serves up beautifully handcrafted pieces with the simple intent to not only create trendy jewelry and accessories for women, but also to give back to deserving communities.

    Harkiss Designs is a social enterprise specializing in finely crafted lifestyle accessories. These unique handcrafted designs were woven together by handpicked East African artisans who are fighting to help build strong, sustainable economic futures. The East African artisans fashion the products with coconut wood, horn, leather, beads, and traditional Kikoy or hand woven fiber. Harkiss designs not only focuses on crafting ethically sourced accessories, but also extending a portion of their profits to the community.


    A percentage of Harkiss Designs' sales go to LEND a HAND UGANDA-USA, a charitable organization that works to give vulnerable and orphaned children in Kampala, Uganda a real chance. Harkiss is extremely determined to make the change that the young people of Uganda deserve, and appreciate all support by purchases through Harkiss Designs or by making donations to LEND a HAND UGANDA-USA.

    Harkiss Designs is headed by Harriet Zaffoni, both a businesswoman and a philanthropist, who is making it her mission to strengthen families and communities in Uganda. By offering job training and education to East African communities Harkiss Designs is helping to develop marketable skills to these families.

  • (Nov 11, 2016)

    With Mother’s Day just around the corner we wanted to put together a Mother’s Day Gift guide that will not only make your mother smile, but it will make the Women of East Africa smile as well. Introducing Harkiss designs. Founded by Harriet Zaffoni a New Yorker of Ugandan descent, Harriet wanted to empower the women of East Africa to help them see that they too could provide for their families.

    Each one of Harkiss designs is handmade by East African artisans. Each piece is made from natural wood, stone, cow horn, leather and other natural products. Harkiss is based on the idea of compassionate capitalism. Every product is made by East African artisans (most of whom are women responsible for supporting their entire family) in the comfortable and safe setting of a co-op in their community.

    This work has opened a new trade route through which you can enjoy the beautiful and unique designs of East Africa, and East African women benefit from a larger marketplace for their hand crafted products. And a percentage of the sales go to a charity Organization LEND a HAND UGANDA–USA.

    And in keeping with inspiring women of all backgrounds, Harkiss designs wants to give back to women of all walks of life by offering a promotion for the month of May. The “Lady of the Season” contest will run until May 11th 2014. Customers who purchase $75 or more from the online boutique will be automatically entered into the “Lady of the Season Contest”. The contest winner will receive one piece of fine, handcrafted jewelry delivered to them each season all the way through to the winter of 2015 A totals of 4 pieces. The runner-up will win a beautiful basket hand-woven by a Harkiss Designs artisan, plus a finely crafted bracelet made from natural
    horn or brass.


  • Jacaranda Wooden Bowls
    Hand-carved from jacaranda wood....

  • Each piece is hand-finished to give it the rich, time-worn gleam of an African historic through smoking in a kiln for a good lengthy of time to create that smoky color. Because of the hand-finishing, no two pieces are exactly the same. Disparity in color and shine ensure that each piece has its own unique character and beauty. Each reproduction is passed down through generations.
  • Long Oval Versatile Horn Dish
    Made from natural cattle horn...

  • Hand-carved from the huge horns of East African Ankole cattle, our Long Oval Versatile Horn Dish selection adds an innovative prestige to your cocktail party. Each dish possesses an individual profile ranging from gently curved in thin yet elaborate oval long shape, and each has a unique tone and outline. Our artisans reveal the shape that awaits within this authentic, organic material and then polish the warm tones to a high gloss. Use your Long Oval Versatile Horn Dish for everything from dinner rolls to crackers, rice. Dishes vary in size from 12 to 20 inches long.
  • Round Glad Sandals

  • Style it cool and classy with our warm-weather sandals, a happy combination of contemporary style and handcrafted quality. Choose from various colors of our fashion-forward Round Gladiator Sandals.

    Made with genuine leather and bedazzled with Masia Bead.

    Hand Crafted in Kenya

  • Quartz Stone Sandals
    Handmade with genuine quartz stone...

  • Made with Quartz Stone Beads & Leather

    Quartz-Stone is a versatile non-porous surface resistant to flexing, abrasion and acids, and requires minimal maintenance. 94 % of Quartz-Stone content comes from crushed waste stone left over in quarries or from natural stone beds.

  • Odd Pencil Cup Basket
    Fully sustainable and woven out of recycled platic bags....

  • Bring a little color to the office with this unique pencil cup. This beauty is handmade with love by African women affected by the HIV/AIDS crisis. You can take pride in knowing that it is fully sustainable and woven out of recycled platic bags.
  • Banana Fiber Clutch
    Made with Banana Fiber...

  • You have the power to change lives. Flaunt this handmade clutch proudly knowing that you are bringing education to women in Africa.
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