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Welcome to our world. Welcome to our dream.

LEXINGTON CLOTHING Co is a Swedish company developing and marketing a unique, high quality, lifestyle concept in a New England traditional design, with a Scandinavian twist. The range includes home textile, bed & bath, tableware and loungewear as well as women’s and men’s clothing.

Brands: Lexington Clothing Co

 Press Releases

  • (Jan 16, 2017)

    The Lexington story 

    Lexington was founded in 1997. The idea from the very first was to create an international home brand in the style of New England. The design was and is very inspired by that geographic area, but of course, as Swedes, we are also influenced by Scandinavian style. There are a lot of connections between the two regions, not very obvious at first. When I did research in archives, I saw the connections in older handicraft items and the similarity with old embroideries. Most important is perhaps the ticking stripes, in herringbone fabric, which was very typical for the New England area, but also the most common fabric in old Swedish bolsters’ fabric.

    My personal fondness for the American East Coast style is influenced by the architecture, the landscape and the friendly atmosphere. The colors are also very important: I love the gray cedar tree houses, but also the white painted houses, with their porches, shutters and white painted details. Together with our Scandinavian needs for light, that design comes out in a very concrete way for me, as does the necessary presence of white as color, which created the first ideas for Lexington’s design concept. The first product group in our assortment was bedding. I couldn’t find the kind of sheets that I longed for, ones which feel fresh and newly washed every evening, and become better and better year after year. The idea was to manufacture bedding from shirt fabrics. Everyone is familiar with the feeling of a comfortable shirt, made of good quality fabrics and with a nice fit. It is easy to really feel the difference between a good shirt and a shirt of poor quality. The idea was to carry over this sense of luxury to bedding. You spend one third of your life in bed, so why not do it in beautiful bedding? So we started to develop qualities for sheets inspired from shirts. The result was a collection of oxford cotton, poplin cotton and flannel cotton, in very clean, easy designs, with yarn-dyed stripes and checks. Later on we added more traditional bedding qualities like sateen in the assortment, but my personal favorite is still the poplin! So fresh, so soft and so crisp. A detail worth noticing is our rubber buttons. They are mangle-durable and are a significant detail for Lexington bedding. The buttons were developed from the very beginning, and still are an important design and functional detail.

    Back to the story, our next step was to develop terry towels, which was followed by Lexington Living, our table top collection. Then we continued with Lexington Baby, Lexington Details (dinner ware, glassware, flatware) and more. Today the product range is quite big, and includes a lot of products. Seasons are extremely important for me. As we come from a country with very clear difference between the seasons, which is also something very significant for the New England area, it was kind of obvious.

    As we also create fashion for the home, different seasonal collections for Lexington make sense. It also gives the decorator or the consumer an opportunity to easily create a different atmosphere with small efforts, which I personally follow in my own home. Lexington sells different Spring, Summer, Fall and Holiday collections. You don’t have to buy new furniture, you can just add a new decoration pillow and a throw and immediately you have a new room for a new season!

    As creative director of a lifestyle brand, you love to work with all your ideas for your brand. And I love fashion! The Lexington Clothing line launched 2008. The idea was in my mind much longer, but it took some years before we were ready to do it. As we always have been using models in our marketing campaigns, people assumed that we already had a fashion line much earlier. They asked as, not if they could buy, more where they could find it. Of course that was a challenge that we really couldn´t resist. We already had our own style, developed from the props that we coordinated for the campaigns and that style was the origin of collection. That was how the first season of Lexington Clothing was born. Since 1997, when we started, we have seen our brand grow from one new market to another, and from one continent to another. That is a fantastic feeling, when you see people from different places in the world who like your products. You never know whom you going to meet next, and what their life is like. I know for sure that our style is appreciated in different parts of the world today. We have proved that the Lexington concept is strong and I am so deeply proud.

    Kristina Lindhe,

    Creative Director, founder and CEO The Lexington Clothing Company


    City life — Fall interior feelings

    After a long and relaxing summer, we’re coming home to the city. This is where we belong; where we work and where we meet our daily challenges. Home is right here and the city welcomes us back! The city offers us countless opportunities and constantly replenishes our energy to take action and experience new things. This makes our home even more important as a place for leisure activities, hanging with the family, and meeting friends. And for recharging our batteries.


    This townhouse has several bedrooms. The master bedroom is dressed to reflect the leafy backyard, in elegant green and white sateen bedding and a sophisticated, fashionable velvet bedspread. Flannel is always an important fall element and comes in a soft blue and a classic check, all beautifully coordinated to charm the eye. While gray, blue and white are the premier contemporary colors, they remain classic poplin bedding choices. And never forget our Icons – here in the gray pin point stripe and the shaker check.


    Why not set up the table outdoors on a warmer day? Grab your knitted sweater, a wool throw and enjoy! Don’t worry about making everything perfect – you can achieve a charming look with a few personal details such as decorating with seasonal greens and vegetables. A checked tablecloth, classic napkins and our Details collection will make everything perfect anyway.


    “I can never have enough decorative pillows. I change with the seasons and it’s easily the quickest way to give the living room a total new look. It’s so nice to use more fall-inspired colors when the days become shorter. They create a special coziness. I love to snuggle up in a warm throw with a coffee and a magazine. That’s casual luxury, for sure!” says Kristina Lindhe, Creative Director.


    Make your bathroom happy! All the colors combine to offer an endless number of possible variations. This season’s colors are strong and rich, and range from dark blue to rustic red. And as always, with the best absorbance and softest touch against your skin.


    Lexington stands for quality – in every fabric, every detail and every sense.



    Today, Kristina Lindhe, founder, president, and creative director of the interior design and fashion company Lexington Company, releases the book Living with Lexington. In this coffee table book of 224 pages, readers get to take part of interior design tips inspired by the American East Coast, the colorful American traditions, as well as hundreds of beautiful photos that aim to give readers new input on how to give their homes an interior design boost. The book also reveals the story of Lexington’s success and how it’s closely linked with Kristina Lindhe’s personal experiences.

    - Living with Lexington is both an autobiography and a source of inspiration for beautiful home interiors. With this book, I hope to share the thoughts and ideas that form the base for my interior design philosophy. There is more work than you might think behind all the ideas, details and interior elements, says Kristina Lindhe.

    Kristina Lindhe founded Lexington in 1997 and has with Lexington’s characteristic style managed to create a special atmosphere in many homes. The style is inspired by Kristina’s own life in the Hamptons on Long Island (US), in combination with her Scandinavian heritage. The book reveals the history and secret behind Lexington’s success, features interior design tips, and guides the reader through a colorful world of everyday luxury, Thanksgiving celebrations and Farmer’s Markets.

    The book takes us behind the scenes of the life of one of Sweden’s most successful entrepreneurs. An exclusive selection of private images with a glimpse of Kristina Lindhe’s secret interior design tips gives the reader a deeper perspective on Lexington and its founder.

    The book is published by the Swedish publishing house Max Ström and will be sold in Lexington’s own stores, on Lexington’s website,, and in bookstores all around the world. It’s published in both English and Swedish, and the retail price is 50 USD.



    An elaborated collaboration is right now taking place in Lexington’s Greenwich store in Connecticut. Well established interior designers and stylists are given the opportunity to design their own bedroom environment in the store window. The first designer to step on onto the arena is Anthony Baratta, famous for his unique sense of styling and interior solutions.

    Just about two years ago, Lexington opened its first US location. Shortly thereafter the second Lexington store opened in Greenwich, CT. Now six independent internationally renowned interior designers are invited to style the storefront window with their own personal touch and manner.

    The star designer Anthony Baratta has just put his final touch to the Lexington Holiday bed and on Wednesday night, Nov 20th, the store invited its premier customers for a first glance at the bed.

    “This is a phenomenal opportunity for us to be given the chance to let some of the world’s most prestigious interior designers within this genre to translate our vision into their own words. Anthony Baratta has an impressive list of merits and experience so it’s been a fantastic opportunity for us to let him style our store window” says Kristina Lindhe, founder and Creative Director of Lexington Company.

    Anthony Baratta With a 30 year long career in design, and with over 40 magazine covers and two interior books, Anthony Baratta’s work has been featured worldwide. Together with his former colleague William Diamond, he has created a style famous for the fine balance between patterns, colors, luxury and history with a modern twist. His work has been on front covers of both House & Garden and Architectural Digest. 


    In mid-July the nominations became official for the prestigious Swedish designer price, Damernas Värld Guldknappen 2016 and Lexington is one of the nominees. Guldknappen is a designer price that has been presented by the fashion magazine Damernas Värld since 1982 with the aim to support and strengthen the image of Swedish fashion. The price is one of the most desirable in Swedish fashion and the jury is made up of several fashion savvy profiles.

    The justification for Lexington and its founder and Creative director, Kristina Lindhe reads:

    “Kristina Lindhe has successfully established its lifestyle brand Lexington around the world. With it’s clear New England style, quality and classic garments, she has found a winning concept that appeals to both men and women. “

    The jury for Damernas Världs Guldknappen consists of: Martina Bonnier, chief editor and fashion director, Damernas Värld / DV Mode, Pär Engsheden, designer and Royal Warrant, Emilia de Poret, artist and fashion profile, Lisa Pettersson, senior fashion editor, Damernmas Värld/ DV mode and Tina Törnqvist, court stylist.

    - I am extremely happy about the nomination and that our quality and design will be acknowledged by Damernas Värld. The price would mean a lot to me, both personally, and for the Lexington brand and business, says Kristina Lindhe.

    The winner will be announced on August 26th at a glamorous award ceremony and gala dinner at Grand Hotel Stockholm. Previous winners include Roland Hjort, Whyred and Nina Bogstedt, Filippa K.


    May 21, 2014 – New York, N.Y. -­‐ Lexington Clothing Company, the Stockholm-­‐based lifestyle brand,  has  partnered  with  Hamptons  resident  Hilaria  Baldwin  to  create  the  Hamptonite  capsule collection for Summer 2014.   One June 1st, the collection will launch globally in the brand’s  55  concept  stores  including  East  Hampton,  New  York,  South  Hampton,  New  York  and Greenwich, Connecticut as well as on

    Lexington  Company  Creative  Director.  Kristina  Lindhe,  comments,  “Hilaria  merges  casual  luxury with modern style effortlessly.  She is the classic Lexington Company woman.” She continues, “We immediately clicked, because we over our love the Hamptons.  Plus, Hilaria has European origins, just like Lexington Company.” 

    Lindhe and Baldwin collaborated on the Hamptonite collection, which is Inspired by their lifestyles, summers on the East End and giving back to the community.  It consists of tops, sundresses, and beach accessories, in a palette of blues, greys and whites, with a splash of rustic red.  Highlights include the Alec shirtdress, which emulates a tailored man’s shirt, the Carmen  dress,  a  striped  beach  bag towel  and  the  Kristina  shirt;  pieces  that  emulate  the  comfortable and casual chic look of the Hamptons. Bladwin. a health and wellness expert , is fitness and news  correspondent for EXTRA TV. 

    A percentage of all sales from the Hamptonite collection will go to Guild Hall Center for the Visual  and  Performing  and  Arts,  which  is dedicated  to  providing  a  cultural  space  and  arts  education for the local community.   LIndhe and her husband, Tommy, sit on the Guild Hall board.  Likewise, Baldwin and her husband, Alec, are longtime supporters.

    Founded  in  1997  by  husband  and  wife  team  Tommy  and  Kristina  Lindhe,  Lexington  is  an  international lifestyle brand with twenty-­‐six freestanding stores in five countries. It is sold at over nine hundred stores in more than twenty countries on three continents. Lexington Clothing Company focuses on classic American cottage style, and has two US boutiques, in Greenwich, Connecticut and East Hampton, New York.


  • Border Sateen Bedding
    ​Cotton sateen duvet cover, with an accent color border. The soft and sheen hand feel is absolutely divine, and all you need to give your bed a a luxurious feeling. Made in Europe of superior quality....

  • Lexington Border Sateen Bedding. A part of the Lexington Fall 17 product range. 

    This unique Lexington design has a white base with an elegant border in a green or blue accent color. The product is made in Europe of superior quality. The sateen gives the product a soft, cool touch and gives your bed an elegant, luxorious feeling. 

    The design is also available in matching pillowcases. 



  • The Lexington Sham
    For Lexington the sham is an iconic product. We have a wide array of designs, styles and sizes. They can all be mixed and matched as you please....

  • The Lexington Sham

    For Lexington shams are always in focus and we have a wide variety this Fall.

    First of all we have two completely new print shams with a sketched motive; skyline and bridge sham. There are also luxurious art and crafts velvet shams as well as solid colored velvet shams. Furthermore there are seasonal graphic shams, classic ticking striped shams and a heavy cotton jacquard sham. Finally there is a unique embossed suede sham in a light beige tone. All can be mixed and matched as you please. 

  • Lexington Flannel Bedding
    Super soft finish cotton flannel bedding set in a unique design and made in Europe of superior quality. Perfect for that cozy fall bed everyone dreams about!...

  • Lexington Flannel Bedding. A part of the Lexington Fall 17 product range. 

    A super soft finish cotton flannel that is perfect for that cozy fall bed everyone dreams about. The unique Lexington flannel design comes in either a blue melange or a multicolored check. The flannel is weawed in a herringbone structure and brushed on both sides for extra comfort. The product is made in Europe of superior quality. 

    The design is also available in matching pillowcases. 

  • Lexington Living Collection
    The Lexington Living collection consist of a range of products that combine superior quality with a classical style to cover your every need and dream for the kitchen and table....

  • The Lexington Living Fall 17 collection. 

    The Fall 17 collections focuses on high quality products that combines a classical style with a contemporary feel. The colors are inspired by the earthy colors of Fall and the products give you a relaxed elegance to your kitchen and table. 

    For the table we have a checked tablecloth in two different color options; beige/white and blue/white. To match the table the collection scontains structured napkins in a black/white and white/blue design. To decorate the table you will find placemats, coaster and napkin rings in the collection as well. 

    For the kitchen you will find aprons, potholders and mittens in seasonal yet classical colors and of superior Lexington quality. This is combined with kitchen towels in different structures and of the same superior qualities. 

    All products are made in 100% cotton. 

  • The Lexington Throw
    The Lexington Throw is the perfect complement for your living room, bed room, new piece of furniture or to just wrap around your shoulders when you enjoy a fresh cup of coffee on a crisp and clear Sunday morning....

  • Lexington Throws Fall 17 Collection

    A throw is the perfect product for restyling a piece of furniture or changing the feeling of your living room for a new season. As always Lexinton have a beautiful varioation of throws to offer for Fall 17. 

    There is a knitted trown in a multi patch apttern that is a truly unique design. It can easily be combined with our iconic, soft cotton throws in a pattern design in three seasonal colors, green, blue and gray. The collection also carries two washed wool throws in new alrge check patterns. Finally to creat even more options we have our classic wool throws in two colors and checks.

    Perfect to putting that final touch to your favourit room.  

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