Stay Competitive by Adding UX Design to Your Portfolio

    Thursday, May 04, 2017: 7:45 AM - 8:30 AM


    Brian Wood
    Web Developer, Author, Trainer
    Brian Wood Training
    Meng He


    User interface and experience design has been a narrative in design rhetoric for some time now. At the root of this conversation is a basic question about where to begin if you have already built a career by specializing in print or web. This workshop will help designers connect things that are changing in their industry, while feeling like they don’t have to start from scratch.

    More specifically, learn from a local designer who specialized in print or web design and made this shift/addition to UX design. Hear about every mistake and every milestone. Then feel empowered to craft your own path that makes sense for your career and clientele. 

    From use-case example to product demonstration, this workshop covers: 

    1.     What UI/UX means based on what you already do, know and love about design.

    2.     The types of tools to designers use today.

    3.     Some adapted workflows in the creative process you can test and make your own.

    Walk away feeling more confident about:

    ●      How to start creating your own game plan.  

    ●      A basic structure of things to consider as you chart your plan out.

    ●      The amount of time and personal investment a transition like this involves.

    Who: Mid-career designer and/or designers who built a career specializing in print or web and want to expand their core skillset and add UI and UX that can add another revenue stream into their repertoire. 

    What You’ll Learn:  A basic roadmap that allows you to build upon your existing skill set using Adobe Experience Design CC. 

    Adobe Products: Ai, Id and Ps 

    Experience level: 5+ years of experience with Ai, Id and/or Ps