An Heir & A Spare: Managing Design Teams in Times of Transition

  • Session Number: WSESS8
Wednesday, May 03, 2017: 11:45 AM - 12:30 PM


David Sherwin
Ask The Sherwins LLC
Mary Paynter Sherwin
Ask The Sherwins LLC


When leading a design team, we spend so much time focused on what’s right in front of us: Doing what’s needed to help advance the business. Meeting and exceeding expectations with the design work we deliver. Taking care of the people on your team, including full-time staff and freelance help. 

With so many decisions that need to be made every day, how can you think about the future? Not just for your team, but for your life and career?

In this talk for design leaders—as well as those who would like to grow to become design leaders—we’ll answer the following questions that we hear regularly:

• How do I start thinking about the long term, both for myself and my team?

• How do I better understand my responsibilities as a leader, and the effect that my actions have on others?

• How will I prepare my team to be successful if “a situation” comes about, and someone’s not there to do their job?