From Design Thinking To Design-Driven: A Story In Three Acts

  • Session Number: WSESS9
Wednesday, May 03, 2017: 11:45 AM - 12:30 PM


Klaus Kaasgaard
VP of Experience Design


Becoming design-driven is a process, and moving from design thinking to design doing is one of the biggest challenges for many organizations. Intuit has been on a company-wide journey to become truly design-driven. The journey started by embedding design thinking into the core of the organization, but design had to become a corporate capability in order to help Intuit transition to becoming a global SaaS leader.

In this session, Klaus Kaasgaard, SurveyMonkey's new VP of Experience Design and former VP of Experience Design for Intuit’s Small Business Group, will share learnings from Intuit’s design journey, including how to create a design-driven culture, achieve design buy-in from all levels and departments, and empower designers, product managers and engineers to innovate with a customer-first mindset and with speed and agility.