Design Inside. The Changing Role of Design Within Organizations.

  • Session Number: WSESS18
Wednesday, May 03, 2017: 4:45 PM - 5:30 PM


Helen Stringer
Design Director, Corporate Capability
Procter & Gamble


No longer just a “nice to have,” internal design teams, regardless of how they are structured, are viewed as an essential part of very many businesses today.

As companies evolve to focus on diversity, digital and doing so the designers that are embedded within them are changing too—some are even leading the way.

Organizationally agile, designers often act as the connective tissue in a business, bridging between the more traditional pillars of Marketing and R&D.

Helen first starting talking about Design Inside over 10 years ago when P&G was at the forefront of leveraging design skill sets and design thinking to help solve business problems. In this presentation she will revisit what it means to have Design Inside in 2017.

You can expect to learn from her experience:
•          The changing face of design at P&G
•          Moving beyond a seat at the table
•          How the future belongs to design