Just Promoted to Creative Director... Now What?

  • Session Number: THSESS6
Thursday, May 04, 2017: 11:45 AM - 12:30 PM


Ed Roberts
Writer, Speaker, Creative Director, IHAF Board Member
HOW Design Live 2017 Program Advisor


You love designing. You love writing. You love strategizing. That skill you loved so much is in your blood. For years you ate, lost sleep over and breathed life into your craft. And through all the painful learning curves and late nights working your tail off, your hard work has been recognized. Forget those naysayers for doubting you!

Your superiors finally acknowledge your super talent and want to leverage it. So, what do they do? Give you that hot new project everybody wants? No! Offer you a fat bonus or even a little PTO? Nah! What they decide to do is give you the smallest budget known to man, people to manage—including some of those naysayers, and the title of Creative Director. You think to yourself, "Now what?!”

In this interactive session, rising and seasoned creative managers will learn entrepreneurial skills and focused tips that will help merge both the practical and creative knowledge needed to develop, lead, and inspire a team of strategically focused and awesomely creative rock stars!