PW12 Up Your Getting Ready Game, In the Most Rad Way!

  • Room:Westgate Pavilion 4
  • Session Number:PW12
Tuesday, February 07, 2017: 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM


Amii Kauth
Andy Kauth


SLR Lounge authors, and Arizona destination wedding photographers, Amii & Andy (Sunshine & Reign Photography) approach wedding photography with an arsenal, from convex lenses and prisms to a slew of legit gear from TetherTools. Prepare to take your flash off your camera and get a glimpse inside Amii & Andy's wedding photography world. Join them as they photograph a bride getting ready inside an actual hotel room! Learn how they use their gear in confined (and sometimes rather ordinary) spaces to create the rad images they are known for, and interact with them as they get to work (with an awesome display of teamwork), which is truly something to behold! You'll have the opportunity to  create some truly memorable (and portfolio-worthy) images of your own!


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