PLUS19 Mastering Your Mirrorless Camera for Weddings NEW!

  • Room:Westgate Conference Room 1
  • Session Number:PLUS19
Tuesday, February 07, 2017: 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM


Mike Colón


Going 100% mirrorless has forever changed me as a wedding photographer.  It has by far been the most exciting thing I've experienced in camera gear innovation since 2001 when I made the switch from film to digital!

Just a few of the things that have significantly improved for me since making the switch to mirrorless:

Image Quality
Color and Skin Tones
Accuracy and Consistency in Focus
Timing The Moment
Connection with my Subject
Creativity & Confidence

Join me as we dive into the potential of Sony mirrorless cameras for weddings. 
Key topics/exercises for this class are:

1.  Autofocus settings and features 
2.  Mike's custom buttons, modes, and function menu settings for weddings
3.  Test drive Sony mirrorless camera bodies and a variety of new Sony lenses
4.  Shoot models in the streets of Vegas with Mike


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