MC27 Great tips for Composition & Post Processing NEW!

  • Room:N228
  • Session Number:MC27
Tuesday, February 07, 2017: 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM


Jeremy Chan


Jeremy Chan will discuss how to use composition and post processing to creating breath-taking storytelling images. Learn how to transform a typical photograph into a gallery-worthy fine art piece. Chan will dissect his approach to composite and retouching portrait, wedding and fashion photos using simple but essential Photoshop tools such as dodge and burn to enhance light and shadow, bringing back the detail from blown-out white and adding dimension. He will also discuss the seemingly silly but frequent requests from wedding and portrait clients such as removing double chins, erasing dark eye circles and slimming the tummy. Students will walk away with fresh, useful ideas for bringing their own digital photography to the next level.


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