PC13 The Joy of Mirrorless Weddings NEW!

  • Room:N119/120
  • Session Number:PC13
Monday, February 06, 2017: 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM


Mike Colón


Celebrity wedding photographer and veteran digital photography instructor Mike Colón  has been rigorously testing and exclusively shooting with mirrorless cameras for over two years now.  From camera body and lens selection, to custom settings and workflow, you won't want to miss this photo-inspirational and information-rich presentation that will help you in your transition to mirrorless. Attendees will walk away from this session with a clear understanding of mirrorless camera systems: the features that make them a perfect fit for the wedding photographer, which camera bodies and lenses to start with, and key camera settings and custom menu setups that will help make the mirrorless transition a breeze.


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