PW02 Mastering Off-Camera Flash on the Go: Make Your Speedlights Provide Perfect Light Anywhere

  • Room:Westgate Pavilion 4
  • Session Number:PW02
Tuesday, February 07, 2017: 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM


Joe Brady


Join Sony Artisan Joe Brady and see the techniques, tips and gear you need to master portraits with off-camera flash. We’ll put basic speedlights to use with a variety of light shapers to create studio-quality portraits in any location. You will learn how to add just the right amount of light to open shadows and put a sparkle in the eyes that adds so much life and beauty to every face. We’ll compare the benefits of manual versus TTL control off-camera flash, and the specific times when each has a benefit. You will also see why a light meter can be so important when you want to get consistent and repeatable results. The bottom line is that once you master the control of light, the quality of your portraits will soar. No guessing, no pointing your flash at the clouds, no chimping—just great results every time!


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