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The Journey to Infinite Possibilities Starts with CAVU!

CAVU Designwerks creates world class attractions delivering unparalleled guest experiences. Our greatest strength is our unique knowledge and vast experience to build an attraction in the right way CAVU has an uncompromising approach to attraction development. CAVU rides will use European and American components, and be certified by CSEI for Chinese installations and TÜV for global installations. We use our years of experience to develop better, smarter and more efficient engineering approaches to the design and fabrication process. 

CAVU provides overall integration and management of the complete attraction. We operate as Global Integrators, choosing experts for every facet, including media, technology and hardware. This is key to a great guest experience and no other supplier can match the CAVU Integration Advantage.

Our portfolio includes, theatres, dark rides, suspended coasters and thrill rides.

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Brands: Dark Rides, Theatres, Thrill Rides and Suspended Coasters

 Press Releases

  • VICTORIA, BC – January 24, 2018 – CAVU Designwerks Inc. (CAVU), an attractions provider that specializes in delivering media-based attractions to the theme park industry, is currently working with the Macrolink Group to provide a “turn key” Flying Theatre attraction, “Beautiful Hunan”, in their historical destination resort, The Tongguan Kiln International Cultural and Tourism Center, located in Changsha, China scheduled to open in August 2018.

    In recent years, global travel to China has skyrocketed. There has been a significant push amongst Chinese officials to draw more attention to China's centuries-old historical sites and unique culture. To accomplish this, many Chinese companies are engaging western attraction providers to develop cultural experiences to transform Chinese tradition into exciting themed experiences.

    By marrying tradition with technology, Macrolink gives wings to a unique and exhilarating flying experience exploring the natural beauty and historically important cultural locations of Hunan province. From the ancient famous kilns of Tongguan, guests will explore breathtaking views of Hunan in a thrilling adventure soaring over the world famous Wulingyuan (Avatar) mountains, Mt Heng, historic Yueyang Tower, Mao Zedong’s house, modern Changsha City, and the exciting new development at Macrolink’s Modern Tongguan Center.

    CAVU, operating as an Integrator, positioned itself as an extension of the client’s team, and shared Macrolink’s efforts to explore the best solutions that balance costs and quality. As a global Integrator, CAVU chose the best experts for every facet, including media, AV equipment, programming and attraction design. The role of an integrator is crucial to the success of a Flying Theatre attraction because the attraction consist of many elements that must work in harmony to create a great guest experience. Poor programming, just like bad media or clunky equipment can ruin the experience.

    CAVU has the distinction of being one of very few Integrators in the themed entertainment industry. This unique positioning relies heavily on strong, longstanding relationships and a solid track record of delivering exceptional guests experiences on time and on budget.

    To view the progress of the development and installation of “Beautiful Hunan” Flying Theatre, please visit

    About CAVU Designwerks Inc.

    CAVU Designwerks provides media-based attractions for a variety of entertainment applications. The company's original designs, engineering experience and cutting edge fabrication, combined with uncompromising quality standards, allows CAVU to offer attractions that deliver an exceptional guest experience, ride performance and ROI. CAVU's global headquarters is in Victoria, BC, Canada, with offices in the US, China, and Korea.

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  • Midnight Express
    This space-age touring simulator shuttles you on a billowing, action-packed 3D adventure. Hop on board for your ticket to ride....

  • The Midnight Express™ is a touring tram simulator set in a fully immersive environment that provides riders with the experience of visiting realistic and imagined places. Motion and 3D imagery is synchronized thus creating a realistic excursion vehicle experience. The on-board motion base produces pitch, roll, heave, bounce and vibration. The vehicle includes onboard monitors, sound and special effects of water mist, wind and scent. The cockpit and pilot at the front of each vehicle is created by high quality video projection. Riders feel like they are being driven in a real excursion vehicle on a very unique journey.

    The vehicle sides pivot upward to provide easy rider access and sight blocking as guests enter the ride area. Each vehicle accommodates fifty riders in ten rows of five riders each. A collective lap bar provides restraint and a convenient hand hold for riders.

    The complete solution consists of Themed Vehicles, Motion Platform, Surrounding Screens, 3D High Intensity 4K projectors and High Fidelity audio.

  • Circumotion
    CircuMotion® is a motion-base platform within a dome shaped theater, capable of playing 2D or 3D 360 degrees media content. Not constrained by traditional theatre arrangements, it has the ability to fully immerse guests in media based adventures....

  • The unique guest arrangement of CircuMotion® will open up possibilities in the realm of storytelling and bringing guests closer than ever to a fully immersive experience.

    Number of Seats 134
    Theoretical Hourly Capacity (THRC) 1072
    Ingress/Egress Time (Estimate) 3 mins
    Show Time (Typical) 4.5 mins
    Total Ride Time (Typical) 7.5 mins
  • Free Flight Hexapod
    CAVU’s Free Flight Hexapod™ Theatre provides an engaging flying theatre experience for the whole family. The attraction consists of individual motion base pods with 8 seats per pod to provide a more consistent experience for each guest....

  • The ride system is comprised of a number of pods with individual motion bases. The suspended system distributes the load with a quieter operation. The individual seat surround sound makes the experience totally immersive. 



    Number of Seats


    Theatre Screen Diameter – Standard

    21.5 m

    Theoretical Hourly Capacity


    Ingress/Egress Time

    105 sec.

    Show Time

    240 sec.

    Total Ride Time

    5.75 minutes


    +/- 17°


    +/- 18°


    +/- 250mm


    +/- 18°


    +/- 280mm


    +/- 250mm

  • Power Glider
    CAVU’s Power Glider™ system is a suspended, powered, spinning coaster that provides a family-friendly aerial tour through an elaborately themed and/or media rich environment....

  • The ride system consists of a number of 3-vehicle trains suspended from a common track. Each self-powered vehicle carries 4 riders side by side in a slightly crescent shaped seating module. The seating module is capable of spinning about its vertical axis a complete 360 degrees, allowing perfect, directed viewing of the environment.

    General Specifications

    Number of Seats per Vehicle (Seat Module) 4
    Seat Configuration Single Row of 4 Seats per Module in Slight Crescent Layout
    Theoretical Hourly Capacity (THRC Typical assuming 6 trains) 1080
    Ingress/Egress Time (Estimate) 30 sec
    Show Time (Typical) 3.5 min
    Total Ride Time (Typical) 4 min
  • Eagle Force
    CAVU’s Eagle Force consists of two separate carousels with outwardly facing seating positioned on a compound steel frame and suspended rotating structure....

  • CAVU’s Eagle Force is a high capacity thrill ride that offers guests a one-of-a-kind, iconic park experience. At 30m tall, this colossal structure provides multiple rotating motions creating unique sensations with ever changing forces and views. The suspension structure consists of two towers with a rotating hub and frame between them. On each end of the rotating frame are rotating carousels that seat 24 riders each.

    The loading platform designed to drop down providing required clearance for the rotating carousels as they pass.

    General Specifications

    Carousels 2
    Seats/Carousels 24
    Total Seating Capacity 48
    Theoretical Hourly Capacity (THRC Typical) 886
    Load/Unload Time 120 sec
    Ride Time 75 sec
    Total Cycle Time 195 sec
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