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Professional AV System Integration for your Attractions.

From audio-visual system integration and effects technology to 4D theater solutions - Kraftwerk Living Technologies is your AV specialist for high-quality media-based attractions, delivered with Innovation, Quality and Passion.

  • 4D Theaters / Waterplexx 5D
  • Hybrid Dome Theaters
  • Circumotion Theaters
  • Suspended Theaters
  • Flying Theaters
  • Inverted Powered Coasters
  • Dark Rides
  • Immersive Tram Rides
  • 2D and 3D Domes
  • Tunnels / Virtual Aquariums
  • And many more ...

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 Press Releases

  • Austrian AV system integrator Kraftwerk LT introduces Kevin Murphy and Alex Sanfilippo to its Executive Management, strengthening the company’s Sales and Engineering Divisions. Managing Partners Manfred Meier and Christian Hofer will focus on strategic matters by handing the day-to-day management of two key company divisions to trustworthy and skilled hands.

    Wels, 10 April 2018.

    Kraftwerk Living Technologies, Austrian audio-visual system integrator, has seen unprecedented growth over the past months. Following a doubling of performance and growth of the teams, new roles have been established. This important step has been taken to strengthen delivery of global projects, address the need for healthy growth, further push diversity in the teams and to lay the foundation for a future-oriented business approach.

    These changes include the addition of two new members to the executive management of the company as well as Managing Partners Manfred Meier and Christian Hofer stepping away from executive tasks, allowing them to focus on the strategic vision, global activities, business development as well as steering and supporting the Management team.

    A closer look

    As of March 2018, entertainment industry veteran and UK native Kevin Murphy, who joined Kraftwerk LT in the summer of 2016 as VP of Strategic Planning, has been appointed to the Executive Management of the company, taking over as Director of Sales & Marketing. In this role, he will be taking on the majority of CEO Manfred Meier’s sales and marketing portfolio, leading the respective teams. With many years of experience in the industry and a major involvement in these areas since joining Kraftwerk LT, Kevin is well-suited to push things forward with his skill and experience.

    South African native Alex Sanfilippo, who joined the Kraftwerk LT team in Austria 2.5 years ago as Head of Implementation and Service has now been appointed to Executive Management at KLT and will be functioning as Director of Engineering. He will be fulfilling this new role, which will focus at strengthening the larger design and technical teams, with objectives on managing and developing processes, team members, support structures, resource planning and communications within this group. With a strong implementation know-how, this will also benefit the entire process chain, from sales through to implementation.

    The Executive Management of the company is structured as follows and is in effect as of March 2018:

    >>  Manfred Meier, Managing Partner / CEO
    Christian Hofer, Managing Partner / CTO

    Siegfried Steiger, Director of Finance and Administration

    Kevin Murphy, Director of Sales and Marketing

    Alex Sanfilippo, Director of Engineering

    Werner Spiegel, Director of Project Implementation and Service

    Further new roles and departments have been established and formed to focus on key markets and client needs including Special Projects, Key Account Automotive and Industrial and Electro-Mechanical Product Development – paving the way for a successful future. 

    In 2017, Kraftwerk LT has completed projects in the United States, Europe and Asia, amongst them renowned installations such as the National Geographic Encounter: Ocean Odyssey at Times Square in New York City (US), Voletarium, the largest flying theater attraction in Europe, located at Europa-Park in Rust (DE) as well as projects in Russia and the Middle East, including the flying theater and media hall attractions at Zaryadye Park in Moscow. Additionally to the work in the entertainment industry, Kraftwerk LT has realized several cutting-edge solutions in the German automotive market using the latest projection, LED and VR technologies and is continuing its efforts in the exhibitions and museum space, with an exciting installation opening in Austria this summer.

    About Kraftwerk Living Technologies

    Kraftwerk Living Technologies is one of the leading companies in the field of professional audio-visual system integration, headquartered in Wels, Austria. By combining and synchronizing high-quality technologies (audio, video, lighting, media control and special effects), we realize individually tailored, state-of-the-art concepts and solutions for various applications. From immersive multimedia attractions for theme parks and entertainment venues, virtual reality projects for industry and science, to audio-visual equipment for museums, theaters and other event locations – the possibilities of professional audio-visual system integration are almost unlimited.

    From left to right – The Management Team at Kraftwerk LT: Alex Sanfilippo, Kevin Murphy, Christian Hofer, Manfred Meier,

    Werner Spiegel, Siegfried Steiger.

  • Austria gains a unique Bond experience with the opening of 007 ELEMENTS on the Gaislachkogl in Sölden. AV system integrator Kraftwerk Living Technologies from Wels, Austria was responsible for the planning and installation of the complex technical solutions of this unique and international cinematic installation.

    Wels/Sölden, August 2nd, 2018

    Open to the public on July 12th, 007 ELEMENTS is captivating audiences and Bond fans from around the world. The walk-through visitor experience towers spectacularly at 3,040 meters on the Gaislachkogl in Sölden, Tyrol, one of the iconic film locations from Spectre. The James Bond cinematic installation is a partnership between EON Productions, Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) and Bergbahnen Sölden. The collaboration between the project’s Creative Director Neal Callow (Art Director on Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and Spectre), Optimist Inc. Head of Design Tino Schaedler and his team with Tyrolean architect Johann Obermoser has resulted in an immersive, interactive and educational experience that places visitors inside the world of 007 while revealing how that world is made. The project vendor responsible for the technical design, including installation and programming of the experience in seven of the nine rooms, was Austrian audio-visual specialist Kraftwerk Living Technologies.

    Like a Bond villain’s secret hiding place, 007 ELEMENTS is built into the Gaislachkogl mountain and extends over two floors, totaling 1,300 m2. The visitor journeys through a series of galleries, each distilling the craft of the signature elements that define a James Bond film. While the focus is on Spectre, the other official 23 titles in the James Bond franchise are featured – realized with highly modern and smart technological solutions. "By using the right technology, we can bring content, stories and scenes to life and intensify the audiences’ experience. With 007 ELEMENTS, the entire team has managed to create a spectacular, immersive spatial experience that feels like a walk-in movie and is an absolute highlight for Austria,” says Werner Spiegel, Director of Project Implementation and Service. "A James Bond installation, in Austria – we were very excited to work on this project!"

    A particular challenge for the AV experts from Austria were the conditions at 3,040 meters above sea level, which brought not only the team but also the technology to its limits. For the hardware, which is exposed to extremely cold temperatures because the building is not heated so as not to affect the permafrost it is built on, special air conditioning housings had to be developed. These housings guarantee the functioning of the hardware even with only a few degrees Celsius above zero. Werner Spiegel adds: "The entire team on site – from the visionary client and the creative leads to the installation team – did a great job despite challenging conditions so that this project could be completed in time for the summer season."

    With 007 ELEMENTS being the first installation of its kind, it was a “first time” for everyone. Cooperating very closely, the new experience was designed to evolve. While a framework was set for the technical equipment, attention was paid to using flexible technology that allows for content to be updated easily.

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