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Quality Affordable Reliable Innovative Show Control Systems!

36 Years & Going!

Gilderfluke designs & manufactures Animation Control Systems & CD-Quality Digital Audio Repeaters used Worldwide in theme parks, waterparks, museums, virtual reality simulators for cinemas, rides & games, haunt attractions, escape rooms, radio, TV, movies, churches, schools, malls, airports, court rooms, miniature golf courses, fountains, parade attractions, holiday lighting attractions and many amazing attractions throughout the world. Investing in the latest technologies allows us to provide quality, affordable, reliable, innovative and easy to use show control systems. Thriving for over 36 Years! Building off the shelf Animation & Show Control Systems. Our PC-Macs Animation & Show Programming systems were the first to run under Microsoft's Windows and is a technological leader among animation programming systems. Our "Brick” show control systems, BR-miniBrick4 & BR-miniBrick8 and our "Digital" industrial strength audio systems, SD-10, SD-25 & SD-50's are one the largest selling systems in the world. Modular design allows our units to scale from the smallest to the largest attraction imaginable. Providing the entire electronic packages for your projects.

 Press Releases

  • Celebrating 35 Years of Innovation! The Evolution of GilderGear. 

    Gilderfluke will introduce the latest features and updates to the GilderTrigger, Kp- Series 700/1020/1550 Touch Panels, and Br-EFB units. In Spring 1983 Gilderfluke installed its first Show Control System at Knotts Berry Farm, Buena Park CA. That system used the biggest memory then available for a maximum show memory capacity of 2048 frames! Thirty-five years and tens of thousands of show controllers later, the shows at Knott's are still running. Gilderfluke will be showcasing the most current digital audio control systems, led by our Sd-10, Sd-25/DMX and Sd-50/0 products for your audio needs and displaying digital show control players Sd-50/8 & Sd-50/40 for your show control playback solutions. You can experience how our PC-Macs software can be used in animation & show programming systems, which were the first to run under Microsoft Windows, and are still the technological leader among animation programming systems. If you journey back in time and compare our audio and show control units and its programming features from the first generation design, you will see the major progress of the most current product line and programming features and understand how using GilderGear makes installation almost a no task, as GilderGear is easy enough to be installed by anyone. Gilderfluke will also feature systems that have satisfied the Entertainment Industry for 35 Years & designs that will last years to come.


  • SD-25/DMX
    Stereo Audio Playback System with Amplifier & DMX-512
    A complete stereo audio playback system. It can be used in Store-Casting, Music-On-Hold, Museum, Safety, Haunt, Industrial or Entertainment applications....

  • The Sd-25 w/DMX is a complete stereo audio playback system. It can be used in Store-Casting, Music-On-Hold, Museum, Safety, Haunt, Industrial or Entertainment applications. Anywhere you need a solid state, high quality audio system that will play for years.

    Features of the Sd-25 w/DMX include:
    • DMX-512 input can be used to select and play 255 SoundFiles using just one DMX-512 channel. Using two addresses, you also get live volume control via DMX-512. Two RJ-45 jacks to make networking easy.
    • RS-232 and IR ports, which were options on the earlier Sd-25s, are now standard on the Sd-25 w/DMX.
    • Stand alone stereo playback of standard Mp3 (all data rates) or .WAV audio files (up to 48K/16 bit) stored on standard Secure Digital (Sd or SdHC) cards. Up to 255 Files in most modes, 32,737 in some.
    • Use an Apple remote to play sounds and adjust volume levels. Use IR-Tx's for ride vehicle audio triggers.
    • An amazing 50 Watt Class-D stereo amplifier packs the power of most 200-250 Watt linear amps! It draws only a fraction of the power of a typical amplifier, and only when it is pumping sound. Works with most 8 ohm speakers. The amplifier can be bridged for 50 watt mono output into a 4 ohm load.
    • Two RCA jacks for input or output of line level audio signals. Works with external amps or audio sources.
    • All configuration is through externally accessible switches. No PC software or drivers are ever needed.
    • LEDs show triggers, DMX-512, heart and Sd card activity. Modulation LEDs show audio as it is played.
    • Two non-polarized optically isolated triggers. Attaches to PLCs, switches, motion detectors, IR sensors, alarm systems or other controllers. Inputs can be set to ramp audio or to select and play specific sounds round-robin or randomly. StoreCasting and Music-On-Hold modes can play an announcement between each music track. Triggered SoundFiles can be set to accept or ignore additional requests once started.
  • SD-50/40
    Stereo Audio Playback, Show Control, Lighting Control & Amplifier System
    A complete stand alone stereo audio playback system with 40 Show Control Outputs. The show control and DMX-512 output options make it into a complete Audio and Show Control solution....

  • The Sd-50/40 is a complete stand alone stereo audio playback system with 40 Show Control Outputs. The show control and DMX-512 output options make it into a complete Audio and Show Control solution.

    Features of the Sd-50/40 include:
    • Adds forty digital (on/off) Show Control outputs to the Sd-50. Eight of the outputs can be used for controlling eight model airplane-style ServoMotors.
    • Stand alone stereo playback of standard Mp3 or .WAV audio files. Up to 255 different AudioFiles can be selected and played. Sound capacity is limited to 2GB (or smaller) MMC/Sd memory cards that are formatted with FAT32 only.
    • Optional GPS-Clock (Sd-50/GPS40) for triggering using a 365 day schedule by time or date. GPS is used where time radio signals are unavailable, or you need to trigger sounds and shows based on time or date.
    • DMX-512 inputs for controlling Animation & Audio. DMX-512 outputs for up to 512 channels.
    • Automatic “program in place” download through your PC's serial port or the MMC/Sd card. Draw the sequence you need on your computer using our easy-to-use PC•MACs software, or with “Hardwareless RealTime” mode, program using the PC's mouse and keyboard. PC•MACs will remember exactly what you do and precisely when you did it. Once programed, the PC can then go away.
    • Eight MBytes of nonvolatile Show Control memory. Using all forty Sd-50/40 Show Control outputs, this gives a show capacity of about thirteen hours at thirty updates per second! Once downloaded, show data is retained for approximately forty years, with or without power applied. Up to 255 individual shows can be loaded onto the Sd-50/40 at one time.
    • Networkable! Four optoisolated inputs can be used to start, stop, pause, continue, or access shows. They can also be controlled through the RS-232 or networked RS-422 serial ports, MIDI, or IR Triggers.
    • Show Control outputs are each rated for 150 ma. continuous, or 500 ma. peak. This can drive small solenoid valves, relays, LEDs, lights and other similar loads. More digital outputs can be added using Br-ZBR (Z-Bricks), PB-DMXs, Br-miniBrick8s or even additional Sd-50s. Use solid state relays for larger loads or higher voltages (Pb-08Pb-16Pb-24Pb-32SSR-FSLC-8SP). A Digital to Analog converter (DAC-08) can be used if you need just one analog control signal. DMX-512 to Analog converters (DAC-Quad or Br-ANA) are used when you need more analog outputs.
  • GilderTrigger
    With GilderTrigger your iPhone or Android Phone lets you take control of the show and then put it right back into your pocket....

  • With GilderTrigger your iPhone or Android Phone lets you take control of the show and then put it right back into your pocket. GilderTrigger is a mobile application that allows one or more operators to connect into an existing or new Gilderfluke Show Control System, over a WiFi network. Our app will allow your iPhone or Android to cue, start, control, sequence, and more! You can add as many devices as you want, controlling both a single-sequencer MiniBrick and a multi-sequencer rack mounted Brain4from the same place!

    To retrofit an existing system or integrate into a new design, only a few pieces need to be added. First you will need an iOS or Android smartphone and the corresponding GilderTrigger App. Second you will need to add Gilderfluke's Modem-Internet module onto your control system, via RS-422 or RS-232. Then connect and add the module and phone to a network. That is all for the hardware side!

    There are two ways to configure and personalize GilderTrigger for your installation and phone. You can ‘Auto Setup’ or manually configure your app. Just put in the IP Address and Port and press ‘Auto-Setup’. Now go back to the main GilderTrigger page and control your show!

  • Br-EFB
    Four Axis Electronic FeedBack Controller
    Used when you need to close an analog servo loop used to control pneumatic, hydraulic or electric actuators. These are used in animated shows, motion bases, industrial systems, special effects, fountains, and more....

  • The Br-EFB is used when you need to close an analog servo loop used to control pneumatic, hydraulic or electric actuators. These are used in animated shows, motion bases, industrial systems, special effects, fountains, and more.

    An EFB card measures the position of an actuator, compares this with the position it is being told to be at, and opens or closes the valve (or turns on or off the motor) as needed to get the actuator to where it should be. The Br-EFB does this thousands of time each second. The Br-EFB also supports ‘compliance’, which adds force feedback to the loop.

    Features of the Br-EFB include:
    • Up to four independent axis of PID Electronic Feedback Control, with optional compliance on each axis.
    • Resolution of sixteen bits for each axis being controlled.
    • Sixteen bit resolution +/- 10 vdc outputs can run most servo valves, VFDs, BLDC and motor drivers.
    • Highly oversampled PID loop for outputs smooth enough to run even the largest motion bases.
    • Self adjusting initial setup, and automatic adjustment while running. You can also set it up manually.
    • Actuator endpoints can be limited anywhere within the range of movement, and even reversed.
    • Each axis has a removable screw terminal block for connections to the actuator: Ground and 24 VDC for powering the valve and feedback sensors (PTC fused at 1.1 Amp), Position Feedback Input (0-5, +/-5, 0- 10 or +/-10 dc), Compliance feedback input (0-5, +/-5, 0-10 or +/-10 dc), -10/+10 vdc reference for using potentiometers for position feedback, and positive and negative outputs for controlling the valve/motor.
    • ‘Enable’ input physically disconnects the Br-EFB from the valves, and connects them to ‘Battery’ input. The ‘Battery’ voltage can then be used to '‘home’ the actuators in a power fail or E-Stop situation.
    • Shows are stored on standard micro Sd/SdHC/SdXC Flash cards for a virtually unlimited capacity (up to 2 TBytes). Like all GilderGear, up to two hundred fifty-five shows can be loaded onto a Br-EFB.
    • Networkable! Transmits a full 512 channel DMX-512 universe to act as a network ‘master’, or receives a full 512 channel DMX-512 universe to use as a ‘slave’. Uses USITT-standard for DMX-512 over Rj-45.
    • Ethernet (10/100) for configuration, monitoring and communicating with the Br-EFB.
    • Built-in web pages allows configuration using a web browser on any computer, tablet or smart phone.
    • Triggerable! Two non-polarized optoisolated inputs or the ethernet, RS-422 or USB port can be used to start, stop, pause, continue, or access shows. Rising or falling edges can trigger different actions, including random and sequential playlist commands. Rj-12 Rs-422 input/output/thru for easy daisy-chaining.
  • PC-Macs Software
    Pc•MACs turns a PC into a performance capture, editing and programming tool for animatronics, fountains, museums, special effects, pyrotechnics, puppetry, and more....

  • Using our FREE Pc•MACs software, shows can be programmed by just ‘drawing’ it on the OffLine Editing screen, or you can use performance capture and playback for up to sixteen eight bit wide channels (128 digitals) using just the PC's keyboard, mouse, joystick, USB-MbJoystickUSB-Slider Console or USB-AtoD.

    With a MACs-License on your PC you can program up to 16,384 channels (131,072 digitals) on up to 32 DMX-512 universes. The dozens of powerful editing tools allow you to easily make your show ‘perfect’. While programming, the GilderGear that will form the permanent control system is used as an output for Pc•MACs, receiving data through the serial, DMX-512 or other ports from the PC. Once programmed, shows are downloaded to these cards. The PC can then be removed and the GilderGear will run all by itself.

    Advanced Programming features include:
    • Standard ‘Cut’, ‘Copy’ and ‘Paste’ functions make editing movements as easy as editing a letter.
    • Movements are shown and edited graphically. You can zoom in to view a few frames, or zoom out to look at the whole show. Use your mouse to ‘mush’ movements around (Eight ‘mushing tool’ options!).
    • Manual or automatic ‘inbetweening’ when analogs are punched in or out (or when editing).
    • Real time programming of up to 16,384 analogs and/or 131,072 digital functions.
    • Program with your PC, or add a MACs-Universal-ProUSB-Slider ConsoleUSB-AtoDUSB-MbJoystick.
    • Output through DMX-512 (isolated USB-DMX512 in a XLR-5), serial ports, or via ethernet (ArtNet).
    • Analog output resolutions of 8, 12, 16, 24, or 32 bits are supported. Eight digitals fit in one DMX address!
    • Synchronizes with DVDs, LaserDiscs, Smpte, SoundFiles, Video, Internal or External clocks.
    • Movements, figures and console presets can all be ‘named’. Names are then displayed on consoles.
    • ‘Yak’ pastes audio from a sound or video into an analog or digital function to ‘rough in’ a mouth move.
    • ‘Mixer’ to combine movements in RealTime, create soft limits, and easily setup custom kinematics.
    • ‘Skew’ function automatically shifts data forward in time to compensate for response delays.
    • ‘Ease-In’ keeps analog functions from moving quickly when they shouldn't. Start/stop without jumping.
    • ‘Splined’ (curve matching), ‘linear’ (straight line) or ‘curved’ (simple curve) when editing.
    • Filtering lets you smooth the ‘roughness’ out of analog functions which are programmed in RealTime.
    • Time can be added, removed, compressed or stretched to move actions into line.
    • Single Step allows you to review or program your show one frame at a time, or at a lower frame rate.

    System Requirements: Pc•MACs will run on most flavors of Windows. Your PC needs to be reasonably fast, especially if you will be using many channels. A large screen is always a help for editing. Your PC must have ports available for connecting consoles, USB-to-serial converters, USB-to-DMX converters, etc. as needed. If you have a Mac, you can run Pc•MACs using Boot Camp, Parallels, or other Windows-enabling software.

  • Kp-700 / Kp-1020 / Kp-1500
    The Kp-700, Kp-1020, Kp-1500 are 7", 10.2" & 15" widescreen, IP-65 rated touch panels. We have programmed them so that they can configure themselves, much like the GilderTrigger application....

  • The Kp-700,  Kp-1020 & Kp-1500 are 7", 10.2" & 15" widescreen, IP-65 rated touch panels. We have programmed them so that they can configure themselves, much like the GilderTrigger application.
    You just plug the Kp-700/1020 to your GilderGear control system (which can be anything from a Br-miniBrick8 to a Br-Brain4). Just as on the GilderTrigger, press the 'configure' button. The keypad will query the control system for all the shows it has on it, and populate the on-screen buttons with those
    You can then start pressing the on-screen buttons and the Kp-700/1020/1500 will send the appropriate messages to select and play your shows on the
    You can also manually edit, delete or create new buttons. You can change the text displayed, the color of the buttons, or even the data they send. You can easily add buttons to pause and continue shows, adjust volume levels.

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