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Family Coasters, Adventure Rides, Engineering Design.

Over 23 years, 1,000s of customers worldwide and 12 industry awards.  

  • Cloud Coaster awarded Best Major Ride under $3M at IAAPA. Patents and Patents Pending.
  • Turnkey Engineering Design and Fabrication. 
  • Themed climbing attractions, zip lines and adventure rides.
  • Exceed industry standards, safety & quality are the DNA of our rides.

Ultimate Designers of Family Coasters, Engineered Solutions and Rides.

Visit booth 3466. See the all-new roller coaster.  We are a turnkey manufacturing and engineering firm, supporting major clients. 12 industry awards.  "Fun is our business!"

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 Press Releases

  • Extreme Engineering To Unveil All-New Roller Coaster Cart And Adventure Parks.

    Press Conference to be held at IAAPA on Tuesday, November 13th, at 1PM, booth 3466.

    Athens, TX (October, 2018) – Extreme Engineering has so much to show and tell at this year’s IAAPA.  With an all-new Cloud Coaster roller coaster cart, over twelve new attractions, new adventure parks and new roller coaster locations, Extreme Engineering has a lot of exciting news to unveil on the show floor.  Extreme Engineering will be hosting an official press conference at their booth (booth 3466) at this year’s IAAPA trade show held at the Orange County Convention Center his November.  The press conference will be held on Tuesday, November 13th, at 1:10PM EST at booth 3466.  “There is so much reason for celebration.  We have a lot of exciting news to share during IAAPA’s centennial trade show.  This is the perfect time to announce our biggest news yet,” says Phil Wilson, Executive Vice President with Extreme Engineering. 


    The Cloud Coaster has come a long way since its first debut in 2015, awarded Best Major Attraction under $3M at the 2017 IAAPA trade show.  Today Extreme Engineering has 4 locations installed with 3 more projects pending for 2019.  The new Cloud Coaster’s cart utilizes all of the same features you expect to find in a “Class 1” roller coaster cart.  “Our new coaster cart has tons of new features such as an electronic safety release, locking lap bars and an ergonomic seat design,” states Wilson. The Cloud Coaster cart will be showcased at Extreme Engineering’s booth in November. 


    Extreme Engineering’s latest Cloud Coaster project will be located at an iconic location in Asia. More details on this exciting project will shortly follow with hopes to officially announce all of the details at this year’s IAAPA trade show.  “We are currently under NDA and can’t fully disclose the name of the client or the project name, however, I can say that this will be the largest roller coaster project to date,” states Matt Rehnstrom, V.P. of Sales with Extreme Engineering.  The coaster project will be providing a one-of-a-kind family experience, soaring guests high above crows with drops, sharp turns and quick speeds.  


    Some other excited news for Extreme Engineering to celebrate about is that they now offer over 12 new attractions for 2018, including complete adventure parks.  “Our creative and engineering team were busy this year.  Not only did we design 12 new attractions, we actually brought them to market and delivered them to several clients nationwide,” states Rehnstrom. Some of Extreme Engineering’s new lineup includes a low level zipline,  a Warped Wall parkour experience, a geometric climbing wall called “GeoWall,” and a new attraction called “Ant Farm” which is climbable words that allow clients to make their brand interactive.       

    “This going to be the biggest press announcement yet as we are leading the industry with family-friendly attractions and engineering design.  I think anyone can claim innovation in this industry.  What sets us apart from the rest is that we believe fun is our business.  This belief allows us to transform creative ideas into reality.  For us we believe innovation should come standard,” states Wilson.  

    To schedule an interview during IAAPA (Nov 13th– Nov 16th) or if you wish to obtain more information, please feel free to contact Phil Wilson at phil@extremeenginering.com.

    Please don’t forget to attend Extreme Engineering’s press conference on Tuesday, November 13th, at 1:10PM.  The press conference will be held at Extreme Engineering’s booth located at 3466.  

    For more information on the Extreme Engineering Cloud Coaster: 


    For more information on IAAPA visit:



  • Cloud Coaster - award winning roller coaster
    Let us introduce you to the ONLY award-winning, family suspended, roller coaster on the market under $3M USD. This roller coaster received back-to-back awards at IAAPA, including being voted as top 10 attraction by U.S.A Today!...

  • Cloud Coaster™ Roller Coaster – Flying Family Coaster.  Totally Exhilarating.  

    The Cloud Coaster™ is the only three time award winning cart-less roller coaster on the market.  Experience fast, controlled and safe speeds that give you the sensation of flying and rocketing down a roller coaster with smooth turns, uphill racing and zipping around structures.  The Cloud Coaster™ was ranked as a top 10 attraction by USA Today and is recognized as the future in family friendly attractions.

    The Cloud Coaster™ for 2019 debutes an all new cart system, including a tandem option.  This family coaster was recently awarded Best Major Attraction under $3M by IAAPA.  

    Click Here to watch the video.

  • High Action Adventure Parks
    Transform your guests into thrill-seekers by offer a family-friendly adventure park where you can zip-line, rock climb, air jump, go on a roller coaster and more!......

  • High-Action Adventure™ - Transform Your Guests Into Thrill-Seekers

    Winner of best resort amenity by the American Resort Association, the High-Action Adventure transforms your guests into thrill-seekers all at one park.  This family-friendly solution provides zip-lining, air jumping, challenge courses and rock climbing – all in the comfort of your resort or theme park.  Designed to attract youthful theme-park goers, the High-Action Adventure can generate serious revenue as an additional attraction or added value piece.  The adventure park can be scaled and custom themed to fit into any environment.  This is the perfect solution to enhance the stay-to-play experience.

    Click Here to watch the BlueGreen Resort video.

    Click Here to watch Calypso Cay Resort video.

  • Fly Wire Zipline
    Get ready to take flight on the only "Best Major Theme Park Ride" awarded zipline in the industry....

  • The Fly Wire™ zipline has gained traction and notoriety as the only “Best Major Theme Park Ride” zipline – one of the highest industry honors – for its brilliant and savvy configuration.  A spiral staircase leads to a zipline tower, which allows two riders at the same time on two lines.  This zipline configuration is the safest and fastest in the world, requiring no additional anchoring or attachments with the safest, proprietary decelerator on the market, The Decelinator™,  Awarded best technology applied by the amusement industry.  Ease of set up, half the operators, standard lengths of 500 feet or longer lengths available, the Fly Wire™ zipline is the safest, most thrilling choice on the market for adventure enthusiasts.   

    Click Here to watch the video.

  • Climbing Wall Attractions
    Since 1995, Extreme Engineering invented the very first patented Auto-belay device combined with award winning climbing structures. Now choose your climbable world with over dozens of themed climbing attractions....

  • Mount Everest. The Andes. Denali… Experience a climb without altitude sickness. Since 1995, Extreme Engineering invented the very first patented Auto-belay device combined with award winning climbing structures. All of Extreme Engineering’s climbing walls are designed to provide family-friendly thrills, safety and profit. So get ready to turn the volume up to eleven with Extreme Engineering’s large assortment of rock climbing walls. Our company was built on a foundation of climbing attractions specifically designed to provide our clients with a profitable, safe and thrilling experience. We offer various types of installations to rock your world, if you can handle it.

    Today you can choose from a wide range of themed climbing structures, solid towers, panel systems and even provide a “Parkour” experience by scaling a building, shipping containers and/or ropes. Your experience is limitless. Our engineers can co-create the perfect climbing attraction at your next park’s adventure. With clients such as Disney, Six Flags, Universal, Rockin’ Jump and other amusement destinations we are the number one choice in transforming your guests into thrill seekers. Fun is our business!

  • Extreme Air - Soar Above Others
    Become your inner pilot and soar up to heights of 25 feet in the air. This is the only 2-Time awarded jumper at IAAPA....

  • Give your clients the rush of soaring up to 25 feet in the air (6.7 meters) on the award winning stationary Extreme Air, and see for yourself why the amazing honor of “Best New Product” two years running was bestowed upon this powerhouse in the jumping industry. With a set up time of just 20 minutes and cycle times of just two minutes, the Extreme Air will take you leaps and bounds above the competition! You’ll be able to move participants quickly on and off the product, enhancing profitability. The operator has complete custom remote control over participants: young children bounce freely, jumpers fly higher.

    Click Here to watch the video.

  • Engineering Design
    Brilliant engineers. Adrenaline seeking designers. We’re the ultimate left brain/right brain company. We lead the industry. Simplicity, quality and innovation are standard in all of our designs....

  • Our creative team of engineers and designers work non-stop to dream up innovative and ground breaking products that all meet or exceed engineering quality standards  so customers can oversee operations with confidence. Using state-of-the materials and cutting-edge technology, Extreme Engineering empowers customers with the highest quality and reliable products to fit their needs, budget and timelines.

    What we offer:


    With over 4 decades of expertise in mechanical engineering and design, we can assure you the product will be built correctly, safe and precise the first time.  Engineering is in our DNA.  We live, breath and build creative solutions that are either a first in the industry or a major improvement to an existing product.  We got you covered. 


    We don’t just build something, we test it!  The most crucial step in all of our designs is detailed analysis.  We make sure analysis is applied to all product designs prior to production.  Our expertise in analysis procedures provides the right design for the right job.  Each analysis we complete will include: Thermal/Flow, Structural, Tolerance & EMI/RFI containment.


    We partner with some of the best electrical engineers in the field.  Many of our product designs involve electrical hardware development, software development and electrical testing.  If your product design requires electrical engineering we can manage this for you.


    Quick prototyping allows our customers to ensure the function, design and aesthetics of their product design. We can offer a full scale prototype to a scaled 3D printed or CNC first article.  We work with some of the latest technologies available in providing accurate prototypes that help our customers visualize their reality.  


    Our production facility can accommodate high-volume, precision products and parts at competitive rates.  From transport trailers for expensive airplanes, roller coasters, tractor attachments, custom brackets, support columns to funiculars, we can build it all!   We can easily ship anywhere in the world with the Port of Houston, one of the world’s largest ports, only hours away from our factory.  With our AWS welders, expert assembly team, process engineers and project managers we can deliver the best products in the world in a timely manner.     

    We can meet ASTM, EN, TUV and CSEI upon request.

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