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MISCO Refractometer

Solon,  OH 
United States
  • Booth: 21064

Welcome! We are happy to be here. Cheers!

Created specifically for the brewing industry, the MISCO Digital Beer Refractometer is not just a re-purposed Brix refractometer. MISCO Pro-Brewing scales were scientifically derived from a beer model with a complex sugar profile, strongly influenced by maltose, and specific to wort. As there is very little sucrose in wort, measurements & temperature compensation are more accurate than sucrose-based Brix refractometers.

We recommend choosing the Wort Dissolved Solids scale in place of Brix, or °Plato units. Dissolved Solids, Specific Gravity, and Brewer’s Point scales are based on the mathematical relationship between true wort sugars & refractive index. The Dissolved Solids measurements will provide a more accurate indication of true sugar & can be used interchangeably with Brix, °Plato, and Balling units in calculators & equations. All MISCO Pro-Brewing scales are more accurate since they are temperature compensated specifically for wort, compared with sucrose compensation in standard Brix refractometers.

MISCO's Inline Process refractometer differs from any other, as all the controls are in the sensor head, offering end users more versatility.


Brands: MISCO Palm Abbe Refractometer MISCO Pro Brewing MISCO Beer Refractometer MISCO VIP2 Inline Process Refractometer

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