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Murphy & Son Ltd.

United Kingdom
  • Booth: 16069

We are a supplier of processing aids to the brewing industry

We offer high quality products which help control processes, minimise losses, maximise yields and to help run a more efficient brewery. 

The enzymes we supply include: amylases, proteases, glucanases, and Brewers Clarex, .

Our kettle finings are the  koppakleer and protafloc range, which are tabletted, granular or powder.

Our yeast nutrients are carefully formulated to provide nitrogen, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. Available products are: Supavitz, Zinc Sulphate,Yeast vit.

PGA enhances foam stability of beer and improves head retention in beers.

Antifoam controls overfoaming at wort boiling and fermentation.

Isinglass finings improves filter runs, cuts down lagering time improves shelf life and produces brighter beer. The active ingredient is protein collagen  which reacts with suspended solids in beer. Positively charged isinglass attracts to the yeast cell walls. Available products are; Allkleer, Caskleer, Tankleer as liquids or paste plus the Magicol and powder range.

Brands: Brewers Clarex, Caskleer Paste, Magicol, Superkleer, Protafloc, Antifoam, PGA, Zetolite

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