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  • Booth: 9062

Enjoy beers with the french hops at our beer station #2827

Comptoir Agricole is the leading company for hops in France. Over 200 years’ experience in the production of fine aroma hops like Strisselspalt, the noble European landrace variety, at the origin of this adventure.

Aramis was bred to provide a crisp, non-lingering bitterness and refined aroma. It is spicy, herbal and slightly citrus.

Barbe-Rouge was selected for its red berries notes. When used in IPAs, you can get hints of strawberry jam and raspberry.

Mistral was bred in 2009. This hop explores the citrus fruits family thanks to its mother Cascade. Mistral is described as Kumquat, mango and passion fruit. In the beer you will get flavours of rose. As usual for the hops from Alsace the ‘’finesse’’ is more striking than the intensity which makes a beer with Mistral very delicate.

Comptoir Agricole:

  • Cold stores 100% of each crop immediately after harvest.
  • Runs a breeding program for more aroma hops.

Visit our beer station n°3724/3726 and taste our beers with Strisselspalt, Aramis, Barbe-Rouge and Mistral.

Brands: Strisselspalt: fine noble European. Sl. lemon, sl. herbal, spicy Aramis: noble European. Sl. lemon, herbal & spicy Barbe-Rouge: red berries, strawberry, raspberry Mistral: rose, litchi, melon, exotic

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