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  • Booth: 19064

Looking forward to welcome you at our booth!

SIGRIST offers a full range of optical measuring instruments covering all important applications in breweries – right from the brew house through to the laboratory.

Numerous useful innovations can be attributed to SIGRIST:

The introduction of LED technology which no longer requires regular lamp replacement whilst being extremely energy efficient.

The increase of the usefulness of the measurement of turbidity by introducing the dual-angle measurement, a rapid and simple inspection of the instruments with a checking unit.

The automated measurement of turbidity in the laboratory at pre-defined temperatures and the user friendliness of the operating units by means of a colour touch screen, to name but a few examples.

Typical Applications:

Beer Water separation - Color of Beer - Turbidity after Lauter Tun

Turbidity after Whirlpool - Turbidity after Separator - Turbidity for Beer Filtration

Water/Wort separation - Yeast/Beer separation - Yeast dosing

Brands: TurBiScat - TurbiGuard - PhaseGuard - LabScat - ColorPlus

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