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CL Corporation is pleased to welcome you on its booth #1924

CL Corp is manufacturing attractions for entertainment industry since 20 years.

Leader on the market thanks to its state-of-the-art products, the company meets theme and amusement parks’ needs, and also deals with the requirements of theme parks, FEC, zoos, aquariums, science centers and all leisure areas worldwide.

4D theaters, flying theater, simulators, dynamic platforms with SFX, customized immersive attractions, according to the layout, traffic, budgets and theming !

 Press Releases

  • Rennes, France, April 9rd, 2019 – CL Corp, a creator and builder of dynamic attractions and simulators for the entertainment industry, are proud to collaborate on the 30th anniversary of Parc Asterix, the famous theme park in France owned by Compagnie des Alpes, a leading player in the European leisure industry, integrates a 4D theatre of 300 seats, with full special effects inside !

    To celebrate three decades of fun for all ages, Parc Asterix will offer a slew of new attractions, not the least of which is a state-of-the-art 4D theatre created by CL Corp featuring 300 dynamic and sensorial seats, powered by D-BOX motion technology. Visitors will immerse themselves in Attention Menhir!, a new short film highlighting the adventures of the beloved Gauls as they resist Roman occupation once again. This action-packed story is enhanced with 4D effects and powered with CL Corp 4D seats, perfectly synchronized by D-BOX actuators to immerse visitors in all the twists, turns, ups and downs the Asterix universe is known for.

    “Working for Parc Asterix and Compagnie des Alpes on the largest 4D room in Europe is a great honour,” said Christophe Lucchini, Founder and CEO of CL Corp. “To create an incredibly immersive experience for customers and deliver the best seat experience for this 4D theatre, we propose our full options 4D seats, with all individual special effects in armrests. For movements, we naturally chose D-BOX. Their attention to detail, and ability to help us bring this story to life is impeccable. We can’t wait to see the reaction people have when they are completely immersed in this incredibly unique adventure.

    During 1 year, we work with the Asterix park team, but also with the producers of the movie, so that the seats are fully optimized. “L’Atelier Animations” wrote the scenario with a column dedicated entirely to special effects and movements. We have created bespoke seats, but also tailor-made special effects like the menhir running through the movie theatre! Thanks to our design office, we were able to make a menhir appear in the wall of the room, after crossing it in 3D! “

    The attraction was unveiled to journalists and some privileged, on April 3rd, 2019, and has already received testimonials and comments, leaving thought that this attraction "Attention Menhirs!" will become one of the musts of the park.

    Parc Asterix is located 40 minutes north of Paris and was officially opened on April 6th, 2019.

  • Expert in the field of dynamic platforms, CL Corp is embarking on a new project in

    collaboration with the "Volcan de Lemptegy".

    This new project consists of the design and creation of two wagons placed on a pneumatic 3DOF dynamic platform, each with a capacity of 24 people. Combined with special effects such as heat, wind, smoke, vibration and other effects, these wagons will offer you a visit to the volcano that you have never seen before.

    For a total immersion, the windows of the wagons will be replaced by 4Ks screens (8 per wagon or 4 on each side) on which will be broadcast a trip in the Puy-de-Dôme and more precisely along the Lemptegy volcano. The perfect synchronization between the screens coupled with a Bose sound system consisting of 8 ceiling speakers, 2 subwoofers and 8 buttkickers (per wagon) will provide a breathtaking rendering.

    During this trip, you will witness many adventures including the awakening of the volcano....

    The film that will be shown on the screens is produced by the company "Goodman & Company" and will be shot and directed through many processes, a first part of the film will be shot with a drone directly on site and then a second part will be created 100% in 3D to allow to integrate effects that cannot be filmed in nature such as lava explosions or even burning forests.

    These two processes will be mixed in a clever way and in such a way as to give a realistic and immersive result.

    This project is the second collaboration between CL Corp and the Lemptegy volcano, previously in partnership for the realization of the dynamic 4D attraction "the explosive mine".

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