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Conductix-Wampfler offers decades of expertise working closely with major amusement parks and ride builders worldwide. Our highly reliable electrification and data transmission solutions have been proven in the busiest amusement parks. Our broad portfolio of products allows us to meet the ride operator’s unique needs and technical requirements, all with the maximum degree of safety. Our recommendation will be the right one without bias towards one system over another.

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  • Technical requirements
    Energy supply and data transmission preparation for seven vehicles of Inverted Powered Coasters along the ride track

    System course
    Curvy and wrapped in three dimensions

    Number of passengers
    • 12 person per train, 3 gondolas per train
    • In total: 7 trains

    Travel distance
    550 m

    Travel speed
    • 7 m/s in normal operation
    • Up to 14m/s in manual mode for special rides

    Conductix-Wampfler products
    Conductor Rails, Program 0812 SinglePowerLine, 400 A Copper
    Conductor Rail profiles in black [special color]

    Number of poles
    5 + 1 blank profile for RCoax Cable [Leaky waveguide]

    Current Collector
    Single current collector, program 0812, special edition

    400 A

    Mounting height
    Up to 13,5 m

    Additional information
    • Anti condensation heating in the outdoor area and adjoining indoor
    • Engineering, supply, installation, commissioning and servicing of the Conductor Rail System by Conductix-Wampfler

  • Technical requirements
    Energy and data transmission with ProfiDAT® [Transmission of Ethernet / IP signals (Allen Bradley), Data rate up to 100 Mbit/s]

    Length [System]
    41 m [Tower]

    Seats passengers

    600 person per hour

    Engine power
    143 kW

    Conductix-Wampfler Products
    • ProfiDAT®, Program 0514
    • Conductor Rail, Program 0811 SingleFlexLine
    • Slip Ring Assembly, Program 5100

    Current Collector
    ProfiDAT® Current collector with carbon brush and data transmission antenna

    Additonal product information
    • ProfiDAT® for grounding and data transmission
    • Conductor rail for energy transfer to tower gondola
    • Slip ring assembly for rotating the tower gondola

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