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Founded in 2014, Team Break specialises in immersive experiences such as live escape games, virtual reality activities, game bars, and indoor / outdoor immersive events. With 13 escape game agencies in France (owned and licensed) and multiple successes (Inside Opéra at the Opéra Garnier, Inside PSG at Parc des Princes, EasyJet, etc.), Team Break proves that it is one of the leaders in immersive experiences in France.

Recently, Team Break has also created the very first FORT BOYARD ESCAPE GAME ! This year in EAS Paris 2019, Team Break will show you its escape rooms catalog and many more things about immersive experiences.

 Press Releases

  • (Sep 12, 2019)

    Team Break Escape Game 

    Contact : Roman Fossorier,, +6 60 52 35 20

    With nearly 5 years of activity, Team Break is now the French leader of Live Escape Games, a life-size form of escape game.

    Team Break opened its first branch in Paris in 2014, making it one of the first Escape Games company in France.

    Since then, the network has grown to include 13 agencies in France, owned and licensed. In total, more than 500,000 enthusiastic players came to play in Team Break’s Escape Rooms to save the world. The number of licensees is increasing rapidly, with 4 openings in 2018.

    With a catalog of 10 different Escape Rooms, Team Break continues to create new scenarios in their workshops. Equipped with a multifunction control system, the Escape Rooms allow a gaming experience of the latest generation: automated management of puzzles, sound and light environments that adapt to the progress of players, automated clue system.

    Team Break has created the very first Fort Boyard Escape Game, offered exclusively in agency. By exploiting licenses of famous brands in exclusivity, the licensees thus benefit from a strong power of attraction as well as from numerous press releases. New brand licenses will be available this year.

    Because demand and technology evolve every day, Team Break defines its strategy according to new trends and the evolution of the leisure sector. In order to offer the most complete offer possible and to meet the expectations of the costumers, Team Break integrates Virtual Reality activities or Game Bars in their agencies.

    By joining Team Break, you make the choice to enter a well-established network and enjoy all the benefits that this entails : training, brand reputation, delivery of Escape Games turnkey, support and synergies with others licensees.

    With its integrated event agency, Team Break creates and proposes new events such as “Inside Opera” at the Opéra Garnier or “Inside PSG” at the Parc des Princes. Designed by a creative team composed of game designers, project managers and an artistic director, these public events help to develop the reputation of Team Break.

    Do not hesitate to contact Team Break, the license team will be happy to converse with you!


  • Fort Boyard Escape Game
    Team Break has created the very first Fort Boyard Escape Game, offered exclusively in agency. By exploiting licenses of famous brands in exclusivity, the licensees thus benefit from a strong power of attraction as well as from numerous press releases....

  • Synopsis : The Professor, guardian of Fort Boyard, just found out that the evil self-proclaimed dictator Pedro is planning to steal the famous Fort Boyard’s treasure. The Professor needs you to secure the treasure and put it away from Pedro. However, be careful, it is not that easy : to get the treasure, you must prove your loyalty by finding lots of keys to enter the room it is hidden. You have sixty minutes until Pedro gets it!
  • Magic School Escape Game
    Magic School is one of the best successes of Team Break. With a very immersive decor and a fun gameplay, the room keeps all its promises and attracts a lot of sorcerer’s apprentice. Ready to take the Team Break Express ?...

  • Synopsis : The Magic Council is worried : Pedro, the vilain just ran away with a powerful yet distrustful magic wand he hided in a dark castle. Your mission is to enter the castle to take back the magic wand and stop Pedro from destroying our worlds. You have sixty minutes !
  • Team Break Event
    Since January 2015, Team Break has extended its concept to all types of events spaces (10 to 5000 participants) in order to allow brands and compagnies to offer innovative concepts to their audiences....

  • Four offers:

    Live Escape Game: Theatrical immersive game indoor or outdoor everywhere in France or abroad. Your event can be fully customized depending on your needs (message/information you want to communicate, history of a place, geographical area…) —> 20 to 5000 simultaneous players.

    Mobile escape room: Escape rooms that you can install anywhere and in every type of spaces (inside or outside a building) —> 2 to 10 simultaneous players.

    Escape game kit: Delivery of a customized escape game kit you can exploit by yourself

    Example of Escape shows we created : Inside PSG (Escape Game at Parc des Princes), Inside OPÉRA, (Escape Game in the Opéra Garnier) Team Break x Open Tour, the first itinerant Escape Game and many more !

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