Sim Game Schweiz GmbH / SIMGUN

Zurich,  Elsau 
  • Booth: 4254

Franchise suppliers: MilSim Events.

Paintball & Airsoft NEXT GENERATION with
Real Life MilSim Equipment and Death Race Cart

SIMGUN MilSim Gaming Equipment
​properties: range 1000 meters, real looking guns, military quality, body- and headunits

SIMGUN MilSim Racemachine
​properties: death race cart, gun in front, shield backside, electric (ems) shock when hit

 Press Releases

  • (Jul 28, 2019)

    World debut at IAAPA 2019!!!

    Do you remember the blockbuster ​Death Race​ from 2008 with Jason Statham?
    What a dream to get such hard rides in real life.
    ​Visit out booth 4254! You'll find a first death race cart.
    ​A fantastic gun in the front, a hard shield in the back and an amazing T-Shock.
    ​The race: Fire at the front cart and shock the driver by electric muscle stimulator.
    ​Also for children, but without electric muscle stimulator.
    ​By hitting the front cart, you will slow it down.

    You are searching a new product? Come and visit IAAPA 2019 - Booth 4254

    Information under!/deathrace 

  • (Jul 28, 2019)

    Lasertag hype will soon be over.

    What did you learn about short hypes?
    ​Investing huge amount and beeing afraid of getting a return i a short time
    ​is stressful. Do it better!

    Come and visit booth 4254. 
    Learn about MilSim Event Franchising and you will see,
    ​how easy it is to get better into market with longer return of your invest.

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