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The Unlimited Leisure Group provides a unique integral solution for all leisure development

TheExperienceTicket.com solves the No.1 guest complaint by providing a totally queue free theme park experience

TapeMyDay automatically films, edits, and uploads an irresistible photo/video compilation of the entire stay

Unlimited Snow the leading one-stop-shop for all snow & ice leisure experiences

HollandWorld a non-gated park for 4 million tourists, 4.000 hotel rooms, casino, retail, F&B, 20 attractions.

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 Press Releases

  • Press Release - Unlimited Snow introduces a unique snow and ice concept as a Midway attraction. 


    During IAAPA Europe 2019 tradeshow in Paris, Unlimited Snow (in co-operation with Ice World) will introduce Miko’s world. A unique concept which makes the well-known high-quality Unlimited Snow Attractions suitable for the Midway and FEC market.

    Over the last months the team at Unlimited Snow developed a unique concept of a real snow and ice experience which can be operated in areas at air-conditioning temperature. In 4 different sizes, varying from 260m2 to 2400 m2 the concept can be implemented easily in malls and smaller locations. The operational temperature at an air conditioning level make the concepts suitable for temporary situations, including set-ups in tents. 

    As always in Unlimited Snow concepts, Miko’s world contains numerous fun attractions, in a highly themed environment, where the guests can enjoy themselves for hours. The attractions in the concept are changeable. Operators can choose from the more than 60 available attractions in Unlimited Snows library. The whole concept is themed in line with the Unlimited Snows own IP: Miko’s marmot family. The concept is a complete package. The only extras required are an empty space and standard utilities. 

    Via an extensive calculation model Unlimited Snow can provide operators with a quick feasibility study for these concepts, dedicated to their specific situation. The first feasibility studies already calculated for clients show an IRR > 20%.

    For more information please contact

    Unlimited Snow

    Bart Dohmen

    Tel: 020 471 4640


    IAAPA Europe booth 3356


    Innovative Total Solutions for Your Park & leisure Projects

    Unlimited Leisure Group of Companies connects technologieswith its leading innovative companies with core activities in the leisure and entertainment market place and beyond, thereby providing unique integral solutions for all leisure developments. www.unlimitedleisure.com:

    Unlimited Snow Development worldwide leading and only one-stop-shop providing best solutions for all imaginable snow & ice leisure experiences from concept through operations giving the customers total peace of mind. Itis known for its creativity and its own developed franchised IP. www.snow.biz

    Unlimited Leisure Development provides full services throughout all phases from consultancy and creative design to realisation of a wide range of leisure experiences. 

    HollandWorlddevelops the second gate of Amsterdam next to Amsterdam Schiphol airport opening 2023 comprising a non-gated themed park for 4 million (inter)national tourists, 4.000 hotel rooms, conference centre, casino, retail, F&B as well as 20 top destination attractions. www.hollandworld.nl

    TapeMyDaycombines state of the art filming technology with innovative software. It makes more of the visitor’s stay by automatically filming, editing, and uploading an irresistible photo/video diary of their entire stay. It significantly increases per capita spending and publicity. www.tapemyday.com

    TheExperienceTicket.comsolves the No.1 guest complaint by providing a unique & totally queue free theme park experience for all guests. It’s the only fully integrated ticketing and no queuing system on the market and encompasses a great many security features. www.theexperienceticket.com

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