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Global leaders in websites and inflatable rental systems

At Bouncy Castle Network, we believe in teamwork. Having spent the last 16 months redeveloping our entire rental management platform using the very latest programming languages, we work closely with our global client base - helping them (and us) to maintain their competitive edge in the industry.

Now serving over 3000 customers worldwide and having processed over $480m in booking value, Bouncy Castle Network have extended our services for the US industry and are looking forward to exhibiting in at IAAPA 2019.

From your website to rental management system, BCN have got you covered!

 Press Releases

  • We're very excited to be returning to IAAPA in 2019 as both members and exhibitors in what will be our first official EXPO in the USA.

    As we continue to build a customer base in the US, our founder Eddy Daniels will be staying behind after the IAAPA EXPO to establish an office in Denver so we can serve our US based customers more effectively.

    Over the last 3 months, we have been onboarding you guys in very limited numbers so we can allocate our resources accordingly. I am very pleased to report that with your help we have now streamlined our processes and started developing US specific modules based on your feedback - which BTW has been overwhelmingly positive. Some of you guys are seeing very promising growth and SEO results with minimal effort.
    It’s not surprising to see these kinds of results with our websites and booking systems, as this formula has been crafted with the feedback of over 3000 system users, which has helped our customer base just tip past $450m in booking value. And with our growing US client base, we expect those numbers to rise very quickly over the next 24 months.

    As part of our US service, we are in the final stages of implementing our 'unique' payment processing facility which comes through a global exclusivity agreement with Worldpay. Formerly Vantiv, Worldpay is the largest U.S. merchant acquirer ranked by general purpose transaction volume. Our industry leverage (worldwide) has meant myself and Eddy Daniels have negotiated exclusive rates, infact they have created a 'product' just for our clients - which we will provide more information on closer to IAAPA.

    In the meantime, we would like to invite you to visit our website and give our system a go. For less than the cost of a single hire-per-month, our no-contract service is all you will ever need.

    As we have repeated many times, we are no competition to the likes of ERS or IO. We specialise in 'small' hirers who require a powerful solution to help them leverage maximum results from the internet. Our service includes a stunning website, branding if you need it, and a LIVE availability reservation and business management system that has helped thousands of your peers achieve their business goals, hosted on Enterprise level web hosting that has more uptime than Twitter.

    We have taken this even further by ONLY accepting customers that have had NO previous experience with booking systems, have poor quality websites so we support your growth and give you the tools you need you to smash those goals!
    PM me (pronounced AFF-TAB, or TABZ for short) or Eddy Daniels with any questions you have, and let's get your online diaries filled with profitable bookings!

  • As you will be aware, we made a huge investment in our server infrastructure recently - to the tune of £240,000!
    I am glad to report that today we officially began the system migration; which will lead to your websites and the Booking Online platform being hosted on the cutting edge of server technology.

    This process has involved months of planning and preparation and will enable our team to get stuck into those big development projects that are not currently actionable on our existing set-up.

    This level of investment is not new to Booking Online as we have continued to develop our systems since we launched our services back in 2006, putting performance and service before profits.

    As well as investing in our servers, we have recruited 4 new members of staff, and committed to a very challenging development schedule that will streamline our service even further. And we have done all this without ever raising our prices in the last 12 years!

    We're working hard towards keeping up with demand as businesses are now finding ever more innovative ways to use our system, make full use of our satellite sites, using ticketing, timeslots and ecommerce to build stable businesses that continue to generate bookings and revenue all year around.

    Find out more about our services at or call us today on +44 (0)1706 249 003.


    This summer has seen new customers flock to the Bouncy Castle Network platform as we continue to invest in new staff, processes and technology, and launch awesome features like TIMESLOTS, TICKETS, ECOMMERCE and NEW website templates.

    Just as our websites and booking systems have transformed the way bouncy castle hirers take and manage bookings globally, we are currently preparing to upgrade our servers to a custom solution provided by one of the world's best hosting providers 'Rackspace' that will quadruple of capacity.

    Over the last 10 years, our customers have generated an eye watering £347,354,492 in online bookings, and that's just our 'online booking' customers, a number that is increasing every hour as we sign up new customers who take advantage of our industry expertise and leverage strong profits from our ever improving website and online booking services. And with a minimum of a £150k invested in NEW technology every year, you can be sure that our dedication to technical excellence is second to none.

    With the influx of NEW customers, we are now offering a completely FREE website switching service where you can move your business website to BCN without any hassle.

    Using our slick business tools, we can populate your BCN website with your content, images and in most cases booking information, all for absolutely NO cost and have you LIVE with one of our stunning 'ZERO SET UP FEE' templates, ready to start taking profitable online bookings within a few hours.

    As a new customer you can also enjoy additional exposure by being listed in our NATIONAL directory for FREE.

    Not only does our online booking system let customers check LIVE availability of your products and book online, you can also sell tickets, create packages, make products available in time slots, and even sell products online enjoying the lowest payment processing fees without any contracts!

    Due to popular demand for our world-class design team, we even have our own print and embroidery department which offers COST PRICE print and workwear just for our clients, with NO ARTWORK COSTS.

    With high stitch counts, top quality clothing, our workwear looks amazing and has been selected specifically for our industry.

    With a multi award winning team of designers, developers, technical support and marketing experts at your fingertips, as well as nearly 3000 fellow business owners providing valuable feedback, switching to BCN is the best decision any bouncy castle hirer will ever make! Our team will take care of the complete switch on your behalf.

    Take a look at our stunning themes 😍😍
    ================================= or opt for a custom design - the choice is yours!

    Visit and sign up online or call +44(0)1706 249 004 to speak to our expert team.

  • At Bouncy Castle Network, our AWESOME search engine friendly websites, booking and diary management systems streamline your business in so many ways, increasing brand awareness, productivity and profitably. And the best thing is – it’s all been built based on your feedback for over 12 years.

    Our trend setting features and industry defining tools have all but transformed the inflatable rental industry into a dynamic, connected and vibrant economy that has created a foundation that is the envy of parallel industries across the world.

    With astounding statistics and industry experience, BCN have processed a staggering £346,197,549 worth of bookings, and that’s just with our online booking customers. With continuous systems development and investment, we have created a multitude of break-away features that are signature components of the Bouncy Castle Network system, that work because we have an in-depth working knowledge of the rental industry.

    And now with our NO-SET-UP-FEE on themed websites, and free switching service, it's even easier to join Bouncy Castle Network and catapult your business to higher profits and business efficiency, all for a small fixed monthly fee.

    With a team of 14 dedicated experts at your disposal, the BCN team can help you transfer your content, bookings and domain name from your existing provider, all as part of our amazing service. And with the support of thousands of fellow Bouncy Castle Network users, you have access to real world knowledge.

    Sign up today and let team BCN take are of all your website transfer requirements.

  • Decided to go for a cheap website with a 'booking system' and found it to be a flop?

    Every week the Bouncy Castle Network team help inflatable rental companies switch to the BCN website and online platform because hirers are being let down by their website providers.

    Your web provider should have your businesses best interests at heart - which is why we invest hundreds of thousands of pounds in new technology every year, and have never once raised our prices. We even have our own 'cost price' print and embroidery department JUST for our clients requirement with free artwork!

    If you want to switch your website to Bouncy Castle Network, just go ahead and do it - we will take care of the hard work!

    Our FREE SWITCH SERVICE will allow you to continue trading using the industry leading website and online booking system without any downtime to your business service, allowing you to finally get your business back on track with powerful online tools at your fingertips.

    HOWEVER - before informing your website provider of your intentions to move to BCN, call Bouncy Castle Network first so we can back-up your information because your web provider WILL turn your website off.

    With over 2500 clients worldwide, we have processed over £350m in bookings for our clients and with an amazing technical support and web development team, we are always on hand to make sure your business goes from strength to strength! - investing in you!

  • I'm sure you could think of plenty of FUN ways to blow $340K that would leave you smiling from ear to ear, whilst elevating you to 'ROCKSTAR' status!

    At Booking Online Ltd aka Bouncy Castle Network, we find joy in more pragmatic solutions - such as negotiating exclusive payment processing rates, employing skilled staff and investing in cool technology.
    We've now taken the biggest financial plunge to date by investing in the absolute cutting edge of server systems that quadruples our already hefty capacity, featuring systems architecture and technology that would make Sir Tim Berners-Lee raise an approving eyebrow!

    The Server market is a flood with providers offering cheap & nasty shared hosting, to infinitely expandable solutions provided by the likes of Microsoft and Amazon. However, as a global SaaS solution - our infrastructure is as unique as our service and that requires some serious thought, oomph and scalability.

    After 4 months of detailed discussions with our tech partners we eventually settled on the best solution for our business and yours, and we finally signed the dotted line for a breath taking £240,000 order!

    It's a MASSIVE commitment for Booking Online Ltd, but one that was in the best interest of our customer base, allowing us to work on those 'Game Changing' tools that require major processing power.

    With three new staff in tech support, new servers and a FULL STACK developer joining the dev team with Ben, Mike and Dion, we are very excited for 2019/2020.

    The migration to the new set-up will begin over the next few weeks once our latest TICKET - TIMESLOT - eCOMMERCE update has concluded. By the time the Leisure Supplies Show comes around - our platform will be on ANOTHER level!
    Exciting times ahead for our customers!

    Sign up to the Global leaders in Inflatable rental website today at or +44(0)1706 249 004 to find out more.


  • Inflatable Rental Booking System
    Our market-leading website and online booking system opens up your business to receive profitable bookings 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, drastically reducing any margin for human error during the booking process....

  • We are extremely proud of the feedback we get from clients and seeing their businesses and bookings increase across the board. One industry insider recently called us "The inflatable operator’s little secret"..! Although our products are not so much of a secret these days; we continue to give rental companies the edge over their competitors.

    Over the years we have been rolling out updates free of charge across our existing client base and the feedback has been phenomenal. Clients have been waxing lyrical over massive time-saving features and enhancements, making your inflatable rental business easier than ever to manage and promote online.

    All of our customers have seen great results, some experiencing a more than 300% increase in online enquiries, some even buying out the local competition! One particular operator took over 3,500 bookings last season and was booked up throughout the winter, within a few months of joining us.

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