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VAHLE Inc. is the industry leader in mobile electrification, secure data communication and absolute positioning for the North American market. Our product spectrum includes different types of conductor bars from enclosed to open, charging contacts and contactless power supplies. All can be completely customized and are useful for seamless integration in dark rides, canned rides, giant wheels, free roaming vehicles and more.

VAHLE Inc. also offers multiple secure data communication systems depending on environment and workload of application. More so, VAHLE Inc. has three different absolute positioning systems that can be standalone products or integrated with our proven conductor bar systems.

On top of all of that VAHLE Inc. has a technical services department that can install, repair, troubleshoot, maintain, and clean your VAHLE systems for you. This reduces stress, lowers costs, minimizes downtime and leads to optimal system performance.

But that is not all, our in-house engineering team has the capabilities to make your vision a reality with the integration of our solutions.

For additional information and to learn more, visit our website at or email our sales team at and receive exceptional customer service.


  • vCONDUCTOR - Enclosed
    Up to 200 Amps
    4 - 5 Conductors...

  • KBH has a lot of different features and can be curved to your liking with a minimum horizontal bending radius of 600mm.

    More so, KBH offers isolation sections that gives you the opportunity to create a safe maintenance area. Parts of the system track can be taken of the electrification supply and therefore create a zone for repairs. KBH has an optimal collector removal section that can also be install anywhere along the track and is for quick and easy removal of the collector without having to drive the mobile user all the way to the systems ends.

    On top of that you have the opportunity to install a dual sealing strip that helps keep dust and debris out of the system and therefore KBH can be used in corrosive environments.

  • vCONDUCTOR - Insulated
    U20 / U30
    Up to 530 Amps
    U25 / U35
    Up to 1250 Amps...

  • Our insulated conductor bar, also called Unipole, comes in a lot of different variations. VAHLE offers the unipole with different types of conductor materials such as copper or aluminum/stainless steel.

    The unipole can be bend to your liking in order to create different track layouts. Also, VAHLE offers isloation section to create safe maintenance areas. More so, the unipole comes with optional transfer guides that can bridge up to 20mm air gaps as well as entry and exit funnels

    This specific unipole can be ordered with a coating for extreme temperatures and makes the unipole withstand temperattures from - 30 C to + 130 C.

  • vCONDUCTOR - Charging Contacts
    Up to 600 Amps...

  • The Charging Contacts are completely customizable to fit your amusement rides or AGVs needs.

    It comes in all shapes and sizes as well as in a wide variety of colors to seamlessly align with your rides' color scheme. These contacts can be used for free driving AGVs or for easy and fast powering of commands such as lock or release seat belts and more.

  • vPOWER - 140kHz
    Contactless Power Supply
    Up to 140 kHz

  • VAHLE's vPOWER comes in a space saving design and is laid underground, which makes it extremely valuable in "people safe"- applications.

    It comes with an onsite service and diagnostics module for fast perofmance control and monitoring. It allows for free rides, AGV movements but can also give signals for exact track routes as well as contact free battery charging. 

  • vCOM - SMGM
    Slotted Microwave Guide Mini

  • VAHLE's data communication system offers wireless communication up to 100 mbps gross data rate. The fully secure bi-directional transmission allows for constant communication between vehicles and ride control.The supported system length is up to 1 kilometer, no IP addresses are required with a maximum travel speed of 180 meters per minute. This data system is easily integrated with our power as well as positioning solutions and can be bend to fit your track layout. 
  • vPOS - U20 APOS and APOS Contactless
    - Absolute Positioning System
    - Stand-alone or integrates with U20 and KBH/MKH
    - Accuracy of +/-1mm

  • VAHLE offers multiple absolute positioning options, all with an accuracy of +/- 1mm.
    Our options integrated seamlessly with our conductor bars such as U20, our insulated Unipole or KBH/MKH, our enclosed conductor bar. APOS is supporting curves in the track layout and speeds up to 12m/s. More so, it can be combined with our vCOM - data communication system to create full automation
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