William Bussone

Managing Engineer
CBE Consultants, Inc.
1400 N Providence Road
Suite 303S
United States


Mr. William Bussone, P.E., is the Managing Engineer at CBE Consultants, Inc.

Mr. Bussone has more than 15 years research and experience in biomechanical accident reconstruction and human tolerance . He specializes in issues involving sports equipment, child biomechanics, and amusement rides and devices. Mr. Bussone has conducted analyses of a wide variety of amusement rides and devices, examining the rider/patron kinematics and the potential for injuries associated with the ride or device, and compared forces experienced during activities of daily living with those experienced on rides and devices. He has experience obtaining, analyzing, and evaluating ride acceleration profiles; obtaining and analyzing patron accelerations; evaluating restraint performance; evaluating biodynamics; evaluating accessibility; and evaluating standards-compliance to ASTM F2291, F2374, F2376, and F2970. He has consulted for amusement ride manufacturers in the design and approval of their products and for operators in ride biodynamic analyses and developing rider requirements and accessibility analyses.
Mr. Bussone has been an active member of the ASTM International F24 Committee on
Amusement Rides and Devices since 2004, and is currently a member of the F24
Acceleration Task Group.


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