Fabiana Fonseca

Game Master
Mindtrap Escape Rooms.


Fabiana Fonseca is an emerging experimental artist and designer, choosing emotion as her prime medium of choice. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Media, Game and Entertainment Design from Otis College of Art and Design after previously being trained in graphic design and branding at Franklin University Switzerland. A storyteller at heart with a distinct eye for color, Fabiana has experience working in both animation production and marketing and now spends her non-AttractionPros devoted time as a Game Master at MindTrap Escape Rooms in Southern California. Fabiana has an innate desire to push boundaries. She is someone who loves art so much that she left an Applied Mathematics degree behind for it. And someone who loves math so much that she continues to tutor it in her free time. She is a self-proclaimed nerd and weirdo who loves bubbles, Disneyland, bright colors, and sunshine, always dreaming of creating large-scale experiences for people to get lost in.


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