Eric Anderson

Quassy Amusement Park


Since the age of 11 Eric Anderson has been involved in the Amusement Industry. His first job at Quassy Amusement Park was working in the Arcade where he continued for many summers.

As with many in the industry, he would work his way up the ranks, taking on additional responsibility along the way. From the arcade to group games operation where, while in high school, he constructed a 16 player water race concession.

Quassy’s arcade machine business flourished in the 80’s and expanded beyond the boundaries of the park and video games, juke boxes and pool tables were placed in schools, bars and restaurants throughout Connecticut. After graduating high school Eric took over responsibility for the game route business which has transformed over the years and continues to operate today with over 400 Machines and a full time team.

Eric and Emily married in 1992 and acquired shares in the park in 1999 from a park partner bringing the park ownership to an “all in the family” status with the Anderson and Frantzis families as equal partners.
With the new millennium came a brighter vision for the park as Eric spearheaded an aggressive capital investment initiative to pump new life into the century-old property. Quassy invested in new rides, updated infrastructure and dove into the waterpark business.

Today Quassy Amusement & Waterpark features a world class wooden roller coater (2011) and Splash Away Bay Waterpark with 15 slides, Saturation Station interactive play area and a splash pad for youngsters. Eric, as park President, continues to look towards the future. The 2022 season will feature the largest single project in the park’s history : a ProSlide Hydro Rocket Blast water coaster.

Eric and Emily have two grown son’s Sam and Christopher.


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