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Create Powerful Emotions & Memories w/ Immersive Attractions

We Create Powerful Emotions and Memories Through Immersive Attractions

You’re in the business of emotions and memories. You want to increase revenue and make an impact on guests, but one big challenge stands in the way: in-home entertainment.

If you want to get customers off the couch and in your center, you must provide amazing experiences they can’t get at home. People deserve to have memorable experiences with friends and family, and you should be the one who delivers these memories.

 Press Releases

  • Creative Works, the turnkey attraction developer, is pleased to announce a partnership with VRstudios, creator of free-roam turn-key multiplayer Virtual Reality (VR) attractions for Location-Based Entertainment (LBE). Together they will bring the FURY, the world’s first unattended 2-player VR Esports attraction, as well as other products to market. 

    Under this new partnership, Creative Works becomes an authorized distributor in North America for VRstudios’ products including the FURY as well as other VRstudios attractions. They will bring decades of immersive attraction experience to sell, install, and support the FURY and other attractions. The two companies also plan to collaborate on future products for the LBE market, leveraging VRstudios’ innovative technology and products and Creative Works’ proven fabrication, distribution, and superior service capabilities.

    “We are thrilled to partner with the team at VRstudios,” commented Armando Lanuti, the President of Creative Works. “Virtual reality is becoming more and more important to the overall attraction mix at venues, and this partnership allows us to deliver the amazing FURY experience to venues all over the world.”

    The FURY is an innovative unattended 2-player attraction designed to deliver high throughput and physically active experiences in a small footprint at a family entertainment center. Because the FURY is a multiplayer, unattended attraction, a location can affordably attract basketball-loving guests and enthusiasts into VR gameplay via “Hoops Madness,” a basketball title designed for LBE. "Hoops Madness" utilizes real-world physics to deliver an exciting and broadly appealing VR basketball experience with authentic shooting and ball-handling. Perfect as a stand-alone attraction or for Esports, players are invited to move up the leaderboard ranking their performance.

    VRstudios has also developed the Real-Sport Esports™ Playbook= a how-to guide for developing an Esports program with new revenue streams.  The Playbook consists of use case examples, best practices, and a tiered approach to help operators quickly activate and realize the value of Real-Sport Esports™ for VR Esports competitions, tournaments, and events.

    "Hoops Madness" is the first game in a coming line of VRstudios Sports Real-Sport Esports™ titles designed for replayability and retention and bundled with operator tools for building localized, branded promotions and events to deliver additional value to guests.

    “With the FURY, VRstudios is making it easy for location-based entertainment operators to bring in a money-making, high-throughput attraction that combines the immersion of virtual reality gaming with the community building, events, and competition of our Real-Sport Esports™,” noted Kevin Vitale, CEO and Chairman of VRstudios. “Creative Works’ experience with Esports and impressive track record of promoting innovative VR attractions makes them a great partner for us.”

    The FURY will make its debut at the IAAPA Expo in Orlando. Attendees can experience the attraction and place their orders at Creative Works’ Booth #3871. To learn more about what to expect from Creative Works at IAAPA, visit

    More about FURY VR.

  • Creative Works unveiled Limitless VR, a game-changing free roam virtual reality attraction for entertainment venues. 

    This high capacity attraction is installed in a laser tag arena to give operators two attractions in a single space: traditional laser tag arena and a virtual arena that transforms with the tap of a button.

    Players use an untethered headset to freely walk through the entire laser tag arena. The props, barriers, and walls of the space are all mapped and represented in the virtual world. When players touch a wall in the virtual space, they feel the tactile wall in real life. This merging of virtual and authentic worlds is a huge leap for free roam VR.

    Two of the biggest draws of Limitless VR are the high capacity and high throughput, which means huge revenue potential for operators. Limitless is currently the highest-capacity free roam VR option on the market, allowing up to 16 players to compete simultaneously. In future product upgrades, this capacity will be raised to 30 players. 

    “Limitless VR is a huge breakthrough in free roam technology,” commented Armando Lanuti, President of Creative Works. “This is the perfect way for an existing laser tag attraction to get a refresh without any major renovations and provide an exciting new experience. Plus it’s a great fit for operators who are adding a new laser tag attraction and want to provide a dual experience in the same space.”

    Limitless VR experiences are designed to slot into a facility’s current laser tag operations, with a 15 minute experience that includes briefing, gearing up, and game play. Operators are able to switch back and forth between laser tag and Limitless games regardless of what laser tag equipment they use. This flexibility lets operators maximize revenue and get the most out of both attractions.

    Every game of Limitless is unique, with multiple themed virtual worlds and multiple character avatars. Creative Works will continue to release more themes, avatars, and game modes to help keep the guests coming back again and again.

    Operators can be the first to experience Limitless VR at IAAPA Expo in Orlando. Those interested can stop by Creative Works’ booths 3672 and 3871 to register to play Limitless at Andretti Indoor Karting & Games.

    For more information about Limitless VR, please click here.

  • Often times, entertainment operators (and customers) think the briefing and vesting steps are the “boring” parts of laser tag they have to do before they can have fun in the arena. But when done right, the briefing/vesting room can create an experience, engage guests, and bring a whole new level of excitement. This is why we developed our new Laser Tag Launch Rooms.

    The Briefing and Vesting Experience Has Changed Forever

    Laser Tag Launch Rooms transform the standard briefing and vesting rooms into a full experience for guests. We integrate video, audio, lighting, and atmospheric effects to level up the storytelling and build anticipation. These are all tied together to create a show before a hidden door is opened to reveal the laser tag arena.

    If you want to have the most unique and impressive laser tag experience that will keep guests coming back again and again, these Launch Rooms are your answer. They can be incorporated into existing laser tag attractions, or built as part of a brand new attraction.

  • Creative Works, the attractions provider for the entertainment industry, has partnered with the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.

    Through the partnership, Creative Works will work closely with Make-A-Wish to help them grant wishes to children who are ill or have lifetime diseases.

    Creative Works, whose mission statement and core belief is “to create powerful emotions and memories through immersive attractions,” has always preferred a “hands on” approach to giving back. When the opportunity arose to partner with Make-A-Wish, Creative Works immediately said yes. Wishes and memories go hand-in-hand, so it was a no-brainer for Creative Works to partner with an organization whose mission and values so closely align.

    “Granting a wish can be so impactful for the lives of these kids, both emotionally and mentally, and it can just be a boost for their entire family as they all walk through this healing process together. Because of that, and our desire to not just write a check and smile from afar, we’re partnering with Make-A-Wish here locally,” said Kimberly Schilling, Owner of Creative Works.

    In their first month of partnership, Creative Works has already helped Make-A-Wish grant 3 wishes to children battling illness, with several more projects lined up. Two of these projects were bedroom renovations for children. While a trip to Disney is often thought of as the “typical wish,” a few children wanted big upgrades to the rooms that they spend so much time in. Creative Works was able to use their talents to design, fabricate, and install decorations, furniture and murals to transform the look and feel of the rooms.

    “I’m beyond blessed to be part of Creative Works and to see the way that we can change lives with the attractions that we build for those around the globe. But this specifically is something that really is fulfilling for me and gets me up in the morning, to see a way that we can give back to a family here locally,” commented Schilling.

    As part of their partnership, Creative Works also recently provided several props for the Make-A-Wish gala in Indianapolis in August. The props were set up throughout the venue to enhance the decoration and provide photo ops for the guests in attendance. 

    “We have worked with Make-A-Wish for the last several years, granting wishes through donations and fundraisers. Having the chance to provide such moments for those in need through Make-A-Wish is nothing short of amazing. This year we have started to get more directly involved, with our team using their unique artistic talents and craftsmanship to help facilitate room makeovers and decor for fundraising events, while I have joined the board in hopes to provide a unique perspective from an experiential entertainment company,” said Creative Works’ President, Armando Lanuti.

    As mentioned in the quote above, Lanuti also now sits on the board for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. This position for Lanuti will help the two companies grow closer together, fabricate more creative solutions, and ultimately grant more wishes while creating more memories.


  • 0. Hyperdeck
    Hyperdeck is shattering expectations of what virtual reality attractions can provide. This VR machine of the future combines environmental effects and motion simulation to create amazing thrills with zero motion sickness....

  • Come play this attraction at booths 3672 and 3871!

    Hyperdeck is a theme park level experience in your entertainment business. Up to 4 guests can play in a space less than 300 square feet, maximizing throughput and revenue potential.

    Hyperdeck incorporates real-time practical effects to make the experience feel more real.

    • Heat – Heat engulfs players through lava fields, explosions, and more.
    • Wind – Wind effects rush over players, simulating light-speed warp or a freefall through the skies.
    • Motion – Players feel rumbles underneath and heave, pitch, and roll while soaring through the skies.

    Stop by our booth to learn how Hyperdeck can boost your revenue today!

    Learn more about Hyperdeck VR here.

  • 0. Limitless VR
    Enhance your laser tag attraction with a ground-breaking VR experience. This free roam VR product has the capacity, throughput, and gameplay to generate huge revenue. Don’t settle for less when you can go Limitless!...

  • Sign up to play this attraction at booths 3672 and 3871!

    Operators have been wondering what the next generation of laser tag will look like – the answer is Limitless VR. With the high capacity of up to 30+ players (16 at launch), you can easily churn through birthday parties, group events, walk-ins, or any other type of customer. Limitless VR is installed in your existing laser tag arena to give you an additional attraction without any additional space allocation – 2 attractions in 1 space!

    Free roam VR gives you the ability to walk around a space untethered. But all other options are simply in an empty room. There’s no bridge between the virtual and authentic worlds. Limitless VR is mapped in your existing laser tag arena. When you see and touch a wall in the virtual space, you feel the wall in the real world. This merging of virtual and authentic worlds is a game-changer you MUST experience for yourself.

    Limitless VR experiences are designed to slot into your current laser tag operations, with a 15 minute experience that includes briefing, vesting, game play, and de-vesting. Perhaps you want to alternate back and forth between laser tag and Limitless games. Or maybe you want to run laser tag during the day, and then Limitless for an older crowd in the evenings. This flexibility lets you maximize revenue and get the most out of both attractions.

    Like traditional laser tag, Limitless VR is an anchor attraction to drive traffic to your venue. Guests will love the game mechanics, social atmosphere, and VR immersion they can’t get at home. You can charge a price point that’s higher than laser tag without losing any of the throughput of laser tag. Recommended pricing ranges from $12-$20 for a 15 minute game session.

    Learn more about Limitless VR here.

  • 0. Lucky Putt
    Welcome to the future of mini golf! Lucky Putt re-imagines this classic game for interactive, challenge-based play. It blends the nostalgic joy of traditional mini golf with proprietary technology to deliver an unforgettable social experience....

  • Come play this attraction at booths 3672 and 3871!

    In traditional mini golf, everything is smaller: the putters, the holes, and the pencils. We let our imaginations take the wheel to develop a super-sized experience that will help you beat in-home entertainment. Custom FX lighting, sound, and robotics create surprise events, bringing the course to life and bringing guests back again and again.

    Lucky Putt is designed to help you reach Millennials. These consumers are in their prime discretionary spending period, they place more value on experiences than physical goods, and they proportionately spend more of their money on entertainment than any other generation. It’s no coincidence that the top facilities in this industry are finding ways to engage Millennials, which in turn makes it easier to reach younger demographics. Want to see how patent-pending technology blended with skill challenges will engage your audience?

    No paper or pencil required. Scoring is completely automated and challenge-driven, following players from hole to hole! Players simply select their names on a screen at the beginning of each challenge and sensors track the movement of the ball. Instead of tracking strokes like traditional mini golf, Lucky Putt gamifies the experience. The more points the better.

    Learn more about Lucky Putt here.

  • 0. FURY "Hoops Madness"
    FURY is the world's first unattended 2-player VR Esports attraction....

  • Come play this attraction at booths 3672 and 3871!

    The FURY is an innovative, unattended, 2-player attraction designed to deliver high throughput and physically active VR experiences in a small footprint. The FURY is designed to transform any FEC into a VR Esports destination encouraging casual players, sports fans, spectators, and VR enthusiasts to get in the game.

    The FURY is bundled with its debut title, “Hoops Madness”, a competitive, two-player VR basketball game designed specifically for the LBE environment. “Hoops Madness” utilizes real-world physics to deliver an exciting and broadly appealing VR basketball experience with authentic shooting and ball-handling mechanics. Perfect as a stand-alone attraction or for competitive Esports, “Hoops Madness” challenges players to go head-to-head with friends to dominate the leaderboard.

    With an overall footprint of only 35 square feet, the FURY offers an unprecedented footprint-to-player ratio for an unattended VR attraction (17.5 sq ft per player). The FURY also features custom fully armored HTC Vive Pro headsets, high-performance VR processing, and two large eye-catching digital displays for a premium spectator experience that’s sure to draw a crowd.

    VRstudios provides operators with tools for building localized, branded promotions and events, including the Real-Sport Esports™ Playbook – a how-to guide for developing an Esports program with new revenue streams including VR Esports competitions, tournaments, and events. The Playbook consists of use case examples, best practices, and a tiered approach to help operators quickly activate and realize the value of Real-Sport Esports™.

    Learn more about FURY VR here.

  • 0. SpongeBob SquarePants 2 Player VR Arcade Game
    The creators of the Hyperdeck proudly present SpongeBob SquarePants in Virtual Reality! This 2 player VR game is attendant-free and jam-packed with thrilling motion and effects....

  • Come play this attraction at booths 3672 and 3871!

    Order up! The creators of the Hyperdeck have gone all the way to Bikini Bottom to deliver a thrilling 2 player VR unattended experience featuring the one and only SpongeBob SquarePants!

    Utilizing the same full motion platform, powerful wind and two-handed controller from the Hyperdeck, it adds a new driver component for a truly interactive experience that puts YOU in control.

    Playing as SpongeBob SquarePants and his best friend Patrick, your job is to help Mr. Krabs jump start his new delivery service. While one person steers through Bikini Bottom by leaning left and right, the other uses the controller to launch Krabby Patties at hungry citizens. These two different play modes increase the replayability by providing two experiences in one.

    At just over 80 sq ft, it packs a tidal wave of fun into a small footprint. And with full surround sound and a huge 65" display it attracts attention from across the arcade.

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