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Named by The Wall Street Journal as “one of the world’s more prominent design firms,“ JRA plans, designs and delivers exceptional visitor experiences for theme parks, museums, corporations, and leisure destinations. Our studio has worked on a global scale since our incorporation in 1987, and our work engages, informs and entertains diverse audiences on six of our world’s seven continents.

JRA consists of over 40 writers, planners, designers, media producers and project managers headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. This creative team provides all of the services necessary to guide experiential projects from initial concept to opening day, including:

  • Master Planning
  • Writing and Content Development
  • Attraction/Exhibit Planning and Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Executive Media Production
  • Art Direction
  • Project Management

For over thirty years, clients including Lionsgate, Coca-Cola, Cedar Fair, Universal Studios Florida, Nickelodeon, Ferrari, Warner Bros., National Comedy Center, Toyota, LEGO, Cartoon Network, Science Centre Singapore, Crayola, Hasbro, and Space Center Houston have turned to JRA to help translate their initial concepts into stunning realities.

 Press Releases

  • China Leisure Development Co., (CLDC) and ViacomCBS have developed a Nickelodeon-themed Family Entertainment Center (FEC) in the city of Shenzhen, China. Comprising four attraction zones featuring SpongeBob SquarePants, PAW Patrol, Dora the Explorer, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as well as Nickelodeon branded retail and a sit-down play café, the 16,000-square-foot FEC is now open at Shenzhen OCT Happy Harbour.

    中国休闲发展有限公司(CLDC)和ViacomCBS在中国深圳建立了以尼克为主题的家庭娱乐中心(FEC)。占地16,000平方英尺的家庭娱乐中心现已包含四个游乐区,分别是海绵宝宝,汪汪特工队,探险者朵拉和忍者神龟,以及尼克品牌的零售店和咖啡馆,这家占地16,000平方英尺的FEC现已在深圳华侨城欢乐海岸开放 。

    Nickelodeon Playtime immerses guests in the worlds of these iconic properties and invites them to play alongside their favorite characters, extending the brand experience beyond screens.


    Commenting on the opening of the $4.6 million (RMB 30 million) attraction, Linda Dong, President of China Leisure, said, “we are thrilled to be partnering with Nickelodeon to bring their highly popular brands to life in an FEC format. We see rapid growth in family entertainment spending in China and strong demand from shopping centers for experiential products. Nickelodeon Playtime is part of our strategy to capitalize on this trend.”

    中国休闲集团总裁Linda Dong在开幕典礼上宣布了这项耗资460万美元(3000万人民币)的旅游项目时说:“我们很高兴与尼克合作,以FEC的形式将其广受欢迎的品牌带入生活。 我们看到中国家庭娱乐支出的快速增长以及购物中心对体验产品的强劲需求。 尼克欢乐时光是我们利用这一趋势来占领该类市场策略的一部分。”

    Gerald Raines, Senior Vice President, Global Location Based Experiences, ViacomCBS, added: “Connecting with audiences on-the-ground through immersive experiences remains an integral part of Nickelodeon’s global business. We are proud to partner with China Leisure to launch Nickelodeon Playtime and bring the brand and its iconic characters to families in Shenzhen and the surrounding areas.”

    ViacomCBS全球定位体验高级副总裁Gerald Raines补充说:“通过沉浸式体验与最终受众建立联系仍然是尼克全球业务不可或缺的一部分。 我们很荣幸与China Leisure合作推出尼克欢乐时光,并将该品牌及其标志性人物带给深圳及周边地区的家庭。” 

    “JRA was honored to work with China Leisure and Nickelodeon on the design and development of Nickelodeon’s first FEC in China,” said Colin Cronin, Senior Project Director at JRA. “It was a pleasure helping to bring SpongeBob, Dora, Donatello, Marshall, and their friends to life, and we hope the attraction delights visitors from Shenzhen and beyond.”

    JRA高级项目总监Colin Cronin表示:“ JRA很荣幸能与China Leisure和尼克合作,设计和开发尼克在中国的首个FEC。能够将海绵宝宝、朵拉、忍者神龟、汪汪特工队和他们的朋友带到现实生活中,我们希望这个景点能吸引来自深圳及其他地区的游客。”

    ViacomCBS Networks International, a unit of ViacomCBS Inc. (NASDAQ: VIAC), is comprised of many of the world’s most iconic consumer brands. Its portfolio includes Network 10, Channel 5, Telefe, Viacom International Studios, Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, BET, Paramount Network and Pluto TV among others. In addition to offering innovative streaming services and digital video products, ViacomCBS Networks International provides powerful capabilities in production, distribution and advertising solutions for partners on five continents and across more than 180 countries. ViacomCBS Networks International是ViacomCBS Inc.

    (纳斯达克股票代码:VIAC)的子公司,由许多世界上最具标志性的消费品牌组成。 它的业务包括Network 10,Channel 5,Telefe,Viacom International Studios,Nickelodeon,MTV,Comedy Central,BET,派拉 蒙网络和Pluto TV等。 除了提供创新的流媒体服务和数字视频产品外,ViacomCBS Networks International还为五大洲和180多个国家的合作伙伴提供了强大的制作,发行和广告解决方案服务。

    Note: China’s coronavirus restrictions were largely lifted in late Spring/early Summer 2020. Nickelodeon Playtime was designed in adherence to Chinese local, regional, and national safety guidelines.


    Project Images: https://tinyurl.com/NickPlaytimeImages

  • Hongkong Land has officially opened Kidzplorer, a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) oriented play-center now fully integrated into its first wholly-owned commercial development project in Southwest China: “The Ring, Chongqing”. Spanning the next five years, this new US$33 million investment will be rolled out to other cities across the Chinese mainland. Together with “The Ring” series, Kidzplorer is a value-adding enhancement that underlines Hongkong Land’s commitment to driving strategic innovation, forging the future of Chongqing Liangjiang New Area and beyond. The ultimate experience is one that is designed to inspire the community and visitors, who can subsequently aspire to a better tomorrow.

    Mr Robert Wong, Chief Executive of Hongkong Land, said, “With a history of more than 130 years, we constantly seek the next opportunity to respond to the changing preferences and demands of our tenants and customers by introducing innovative concepts and fresh offerings, with a view to elevating the value of our portfolio for the Chinese mainland and across the region. Kidzplorer represents Hongkong Land’s breakthrough in providing innovative family-friendly amenities into our retail experiences, answering the needs of today’s customers, many of whom are parents who visit along with their children.”

    Mr Thomas Tam, Director & Head of Asset Management, Commercial Property of Hongkong Land, said, “Our latest development in Chongqing represents our unwavering dedication to innovation, coupled with our desire to enhance the offerings available across our portfolio. An elevated concept of the ever-growing STEAM trend across China and Asia, Kidzplorer at ‘The Ring, Chongqing’ features family-oriented facilities that not only enhance Yorkville, Hongkong Land’s high-end residential development in the neighborhood, but together they provide a holistic offering which aims to set a new benchmark for contemporary urban development, with the goal of serving future generations to come.”

    In collaboration with Star Group, JRA provided master planning and design for Kidzplorer children’s attraction at “The Ring, Chongqing.” It occupies a net floor area of nearly 3,000 sq. m. (23,000 sq. ft) and offers a nine-zone play area, a STEAM classroom, a family café and party rooms, alongside a retail store featuring a range of STEAM concept toys and products. Kidzplorer uses the latest technology to ensure the ultimate experience for all visitors, including smart location wristbands worn by children visitors that support real-time tracking.

    “JRA was honored to work on this unique project with Hongkong Land and Star Group,” said JRA Senior Project Director, Matthew Wheeler. “Our goal was to create a unique guest experience that will enhance children’s development in all areas while creating opportunities for young visitors to learn more about the greater world around them through STEAM activities.”

    For hi-resolution images of the project, click here. 

  • Located within the Northwest Arena, TheZone will be an interactive play space for children ages 2 through 12 that builds upon the Arena’s 20 years of successful stewardship of youth recreation and athletics. JRA and Cortina Productions are teaming up to provide planning and design for this exciting new children's sports attraction.

    TheZone will be colorful, fun, and inviting, from the LED marquee that welcomes you in, to the five zones of diverse, dynamic activities inside.

    The Campaign for TheZone is kicking off a $4 million dollar fundraising effort, the key part of an $8.5 million project to expand the Northwest Arena. The physical expansion was completed in May of 2021 and $700,000 has been pledged to-date toward TheZone’s fixtures and exhibits. With support from individuals, corporations, foundations, and public resources, TheZone expects to be welcoming guests during summer 2022.

    Right now, the Jamestown area and Chautauqua County offer far too few recreational spaces for kids, especially indoor spaces they can use during our long winters. This concern has been documented in the State of Play Western New York report published in 2017 by the Aspen Institute and funded by the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation. Furthermore, this report identified the Northwest Arena as the only non-membership-based facility in Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, and Allegany Counties providing year-round, indoor youth recreation opportunities.

    TheZone will become a vital community asset that offers an engaging sports-themed experience that encourages the development of physical skills and mental stimulation though indoor, year-round play time. Physical activity yields lifelong benefits, from improved cognitive function to better health into adulthood – and if children are engaged in regular activity before 12, they tend to stay engaged. Unfortunately, right now only 16% of kids in Western New York are active enough, meeting CDC recommendations for at least one hour of physical activity per day.

    Three groups will benefit immediately from TheZone: local families eager for great experiences for their kids that they can enjoy again and again, families visiting the Northwest Arena and the City of Jamestown, as well as those visiting Chautauqua County. It will also make the City of Jamestown a better place to live and do business because TheZone will feed on – and fuel- the success of its neighboring attractions.

    TheZone compliments the work of existing organizations which serve our community’s youth. It will increase Jamestown and Chautauqua County’s momentum toward becoming a renowned destination for family fun by enhancing investments to City Parks, the National Comedy Center, Jamestown Riverwalk, and other family-focused places to visit.

    Lowering the financial barriers to play is a key part of the project’s purpose; kids from the lowest income bracket are seven times more likely than those from the highest to be active zero days a week (again, according to the data from State of Play Western New York.)

    Disparities will be addressed through affordable admission tickets, play scholarships, sponsored free play events, and partnering with clubs, agencies, and providers already serving community youth and empowering them to host programming at TheZone. Physical barriers are being lowered too; TheZone design is fully ADA-compliant! All kids can expect to experience play in a way meaningful to them, from designing a sports uniform to testing their speed against real and simulated rivals, climbing, throwing balls, jumping, and simply having fun creating their own play in an enriching, age-appropriate space.

    TheZone is a prime opportunity for Jamestown. Nationwide, children’s museums add $5.5 billion to the economy annually – in part because each dollar in museum spending ripples out to create $3.66 in economic activity. Furthermore, an analysis from AECOM conservatively projects that TheZone will ultimately draw 45,000 visitors per year once well-established. This is in addition to the Northwest Arena’s 250,000 annual turnstile visits.

    Nearly twenty years ago, the Northwest Arena opened its doors – and a new chapter in the life of the Chautauqua County region began. The Northwest Arena has become a vital asset to the community, a destination for those beyond, and a catalyst for revitalization. Looking toward the next twenty years, the Northwest Arena is perfectly positioned to usher forth this new project that will enhance Jamestown’s appeal to visitors, fuel the city’s economic momentum, and most importantly bring something wonderful and new to the experience of children who grow up in and visit the region.

    Scheduled tours of TheZone to witness firsthand how this project will elevate the state of play in Western New York are available by registering at funatthezone.org. Private tours may be arranged by contacting info@funatthezone.org or by calling (716) 484-2624 x 207. Donations may be made in-person or online at funatthezone.org.  

    Hi-resolution renderings of the project can be found here. 

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