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We build custom radio stations: Your music. Your message.

Create your own customized radio station!

Neptune Radio is a music + marketing + money-making entertainment product, all wrapped up in one.

Music: 100% Family-friendly music from dozens of genres and more than 33,000 songs. You create your own custom music mix, by daypart, week part, special events, or however you want it.

Messaging: Our professional DJs deliver your custom messages all day, every day, continually reinforcing your brand and creating a great atmosphere.

Money: Boost revenue through consistent internal promotion of concessions, products, services, season tickets, upcoming events, etc. You can also open up a new revenue stream by securing advertisers who want to reach your guests.

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 Press Releases

  • IAAPA EXPO, ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- A single glance at the music charts is all it takes to realize that today’s music is more explicit than ever. The need for venues to keep up with the times and make their venue appealing to everyone means that they must play popular music. But how do you play popular music that is lyric-safe and content-safe? The music on the radio may bleep out certain unsavory words, but the illicit message is still there. Balancing a fun environment with a worry-free environment is no easy task, and prevents management and staff from being able to put their focus totally on their patrons. 


    Neptune Radio takes the stress out of finding music to create the perfect atmosphere for your venue. Not only does Neptune Radio provide music that has been screened three times over for adverse lyrics or messages, it also allows you to customize your radio station with the music you want and messaging that is just for your venue.


    Learn more about creating a customized music experience for your venue with Neptune Radio at the link, HERE

  • IAAPA EXPO, ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Using a platform like public radio for venue entertainment does not guarantee that every advertisement will be welcomed or appropriate for customers to hear --and they may even be from competitors. Not only is the possibility of playing someone else’s ad very likely, but all of the other messaging components that venues use in order to bring attention to in-house attractions such as concessions, daily deals, or future events, aren’t able to be announced as effectively as they could be. 


    Neptune Radio allows its partners to create not only customized, lyric-safe music stations for their venue, but also customized messaging that can be played throughout the day. Every venue already creates messaging for their attractions, but Neptune Radio takes it a step further by providing a professional sound and quality for venue-specific advertising. Now, venue owners won’t have to worry about what their patrons are listening to. Birthday parties, special events, upcoming events, classes, services, concessions, and corporate sponsorships – no matter what messages you want to play, Neptune Radio professionally records them and loads them on your station to play between music sets or on-demand.

    Learn more about customized messaging with Neptune Radio, HERE.
  • IAAPA EXPO, ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Every venue knows that what keeps patrons coming back is not only exceptional service and a great atmosphere, but the small services and activities that set venues apart from the rest. Whether that be a concession stand with wonderful food or a seasonal feature that everyone raves about, these attractions should be well advertised. In fact, food and beverage services can easily make up much of a venue’s revenue. With Neptune Radio, advertising regular or seasonal attractions is easy and provides a professional quality that can only enhance a patron’s experience.


    Not only does Neptune Radio provide venues with the ability to promote their own in-house features, it also enables them to bring in revenue through corporate sponsors or local businesses. So, if you’re looking for ways to generate additional income, selling ad spots or sponsorship packages on your Neptune Radio station is easy to do and profitable! There is a team of experts that will help you create custom proposals for you to pitch to local businesses. Best of all, whatever you sell, you keep 100% of the revenue!


    Learn more about generating additional income for your business, HERE.

  • IAAPA EXPO, ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- It’s likely that if popular music is playing, an angry mom is somewhere nearby. Lyrics these days are full of unsavory words, bad innuendos, and an explicit message. It can be pretty tiring for venues to make sure that they are playing music that is lyric-safe and makes everybody happy -- moms included. So what is the answer to this problem? How do venues create a family-friendly atmosphere while still keeping music that all ages can enjoy? 


    Every song in the Neptune Radio database has been triple-screened for both language and lyrics, so there will always be peace of mind knowing that you never have to worry about what’s going to play next. Neptune Radio currently has approximately 33,000 songs in its database, and adds new songs weekly. So there will never be a worry about hearing the same songs over and over again.

    Learn more about Neptune Radio’s worry-free music, HERE.
  • IAAPA EXPO, ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Neptune Radio partners love their custom radio station that includes lyric-safe, family-friendly music and customized messaging for their venue. “I didn’t have to worry if there was anything that was inappropriate that was going to come on next. If it was harsh music or was kid-friendly. It appeals to the teens as well as adults. It has some nice classic [music], too. So there’s some old school stuff but some new age things, too that the younger generations are hearing.” says John Lloyd from the University of Arizona.


    Brad Anderson from Pirates Cove says, “I have customer after customer come up to me and they say, ‘That is so cool, you have your own radio station!’ And they always want to know what my playlist is. They say, ‘Where’d you get all that music?’ Because [Neptune Radio] has a wide variety of music that I can play.” 


    Neptune Radio not only gives you the ability to select whatever lyric-safe music mix you want, but also to vary that mix by time of day, day of week, or any other configuration. From high-energy mornings to wind-down evenings and everything in between, Neptune Radio programs your radio station to create the right atmosphere for the right audience at the right time. 

    Hear for yourself why so many Neptune Radio partners love their customized radio experience  in the videos, HERE and HERE. Learn more about Neptune Radio at their website, HERE.
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