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Quirky, cuddly, soft, and snuggly fuzzy characters to hug!

Welcome to the world of Squishable, an upscale plush company with a reputation for creative aesthetics and high-quality products. Squishables are ridiculously soft, cuddly, colorful, and conspicuously cute! Made of high-quality materials and designed with love in NYC, Squishables delight kids and adults alike

Comfort Food is Squishable’s hottest current line, now representing over half our bestsellers. Giant huggable plush food – Tacos, Hamburgers, and even Avocados – speaks to both kids and kids-at-heart alike.

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  • Mini Comfort Food Avocado
    7 squishy inches of forever fruit. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only!...

  • This Avocado will never turn brown! It will always remain at the perfect level of softness no matter how long you leave it out on the counter! You can rest assured that while your roommate may snag it for some snuggles, he will not smoosh it up into guacamole! Probably! 7 squishy inches of forever fruit. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only!

  • Mini Comfort Food Pineapple
    7 squishy inches of frequent flyer fruit. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only!...

  • Pineapples are an international symbol of welcome and hospitality! Any visitor who sees this Pineapple on your premises will know yours is a place where all weary travelers are treated to many cuddles after the long journey!
  • Mini Squishable Plague Doctor
    7 squishy inches of spookiness! All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only!...

  • Medieval plague doctors thought the smelly herbs and flowers they stuffed in their masks would keep them healthy. They didn't. But their impenetrable (and spooky!) leather outfits actually did! That coat was like the hazmat suit of their day. Today we have soap, so unless you particularly like wearing a lot of leather, maybe just wash your hands instead. Actually, wash your hands either way. Now wash them again.
  • Mini Squishable Plague Nurse
    7 squishy inches of sweet partner in medicine. All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only!...

  • We all need a partner. Sherlock has his Watson, Robin Hood has his Little John. The Plague Doctor has the Plague Nurse. If you were about to do medieval battle against infectious miasmas armed with only a lantern, a rudimentary concept of personal hygiene, and a beak full of smelly herbs and flowers, you'd want a second-in-command who's got your back. And your front. And whatever other body parts you're worried about, which is probably all of them. 
  • Squishable Micros/Backpack clips
    3"-4" Squishable micros with metal clips are perfect for collecting.
    Plastic clips for Claw Machines are available for top styles too....

  • Choose from dozens of styles of our popular Micros.

    Perfect for impulse; claw machines, and redemption.

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