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Grand Rapids,  MI 
United States
  • Booth: 1036

Welcome to the tool search engine and tool data source!

Established in 2018 ToolsUnited USA brings the No. 1 search engine and data source for cutting tools to the North American market. For the benefit of the tool consumers, ToolsUnited USA provides tool makers with managed services for content generation to help them tackle the challenges of the digital transformation. ToolsUnited USA cooperates with local distribution to cover the “final mile” of the information supply chain.

Tool consumers will benefit from both a superior information supply chain and receive hands on tooling advice from qualified experts. True to the motto “automate the supply chain as far as possible, but not further” we believe in personal interaction. Because in the cutting tool industry you can’t be transactional to 100%. You need personal interaction to go the last mile. With the help of our superior web technologies ToolsUnited USA will orchestrate a network of qualified distributors.

Bank on ToolsUnited USA as your tool search engine and tool data source!

Brands: Major cutting tool brands support ToolsUnited

 Press Releases

  • The Digital Transformation is in full swing. Without proper product data both tool makers and distributors - will fall behind. However, we believe, in the cutting tool industry,  you can’t be transactional to 100%. You need personal interaction to go the last mile. With the help of our superior web technologies we will orchestrate a network of qualified distributors.

    The ToolsUnited Story

    With the growing percentage of digital manufacturing, the search for tools and tool data (the “digital twin“ of the tool) becomes an important sales opportunity. From the customer perspective, a “single source“ for the tool data is the optimum solution (data from different suppliers needs to be in a single format). ToolsUnited is a managed service that provides exactly this data. Statistical evaluation of ToolsUnited searches reveal, that only 25-30% of all search requests target finding the "digital twin".The remaining 70-75% are looking for a source to purchase the located tools.

    With the new ToolsUnitedUSA, serving the North American Market, we can now offer the “Where to buy“ option to all of our customers. ToolsUnited leads the end user to the right tool and then guides the customer to our local distribution partner for order fulfillment


  • ToolsUnited
    <br />ToolsUnited is a tool search engine that guides you to the right tool for your application<br />and connects you with local distributors for instant sourcing.<br />...

  • Find the matching tool data for any tool

    ToolsUnited provides the tool data of the leading cutting tool manufacturers. These include geometric data, sketches, photos, technical drawings (DXF) and 3D models (STP) in light and detailed versions, if provided by the manufacturer.

    We always provide the data we receive from the manufacturers. But in order to keep the data quality high, we do automated checks and decide whether the delivered data quality is sufficient. We stay in close contact with the manufacturers, in order to improve data quality.


    With Where2buy leads you to local distributors for ANY tool you've found - prices included! Compare and buy via direct link!

  • Sales Support Server (3S)
    Web application and database to manage the information supply chain of tool makers.....

  • In the initial configuration Triple-S compares to "myToolsUnited". In the max configuration, Triple-S is your Cross Media database. In any case Triple-S takes you closer to your customers.

    Triple-S (SalesSupport Server) will be configured to your specification, the following options will be implemented in no time:
    • Unambiguous product identification
    • Administration of different classification schemes
    • Data export in standard formats (ISO 13399 (incl. GTC), DIN 4000, BMECat, eCl@ss, UNSPSC)
    • Direct link to CS-Integrator for customized data export
    • Export of 3D CAD models (optional via 3D Catalogue)
    • Integration to procurement platforms
    • Mass data import or interactive data entry.

    3S will tackle the challenge of collecting product data from different inhouse sources and bringing them into your distributors’s procurement platforms. Cross media integration, e.g. to “feed” paper catalogs, is an optional feature via CS-Print. Supply of 3D data costs you no more than to press a button. Because Triple-S comprises the graphic engine of ToolsUnited.

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