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NatureFresh™ Farms has grown to become one of the largest independent, vertically integrated greenhouse vegetable farmers in North America. Growing in Leamington, ON and Delta, OH, NatureFresh™ Farms prides itself on exceptional flavor & quality. Family owned NatureFresh™ Farms ships fresh greenhouse grown produce year-round to key retailers throughout North America. Celebrating their 20th year, the company continues to focus on research and development trialing unique varieties and discovering different levels of innovation within the industry. 

 Press Releases

  • Leamington, ON (July 12, 2019) - NatureFresh Farms takes their Cucumber lineup to the next level with the launch of the new Unveiled Mini Cucumbers.

    The Unveiled Mini Cucumber is unique to its category, offering a new look with an extra crunch. A Cucumber highlighted by its pale complexion and the refreshing flavor expected from its class. These mid-sized beauties are ideal for snacks or appetizers adding a flash of color with a satisfying crunch in every bite.

    NatureFresh Farms has always been focused on searching for new products that stand out in flavor, quality and appearance. By trialing unique varieties in their greenhouses, they continue to discover different levels of innovation within the industry. Dedicated to research and development, NatureFresh Farms is excited for their future with the continuous expansion of their team, their advancements in technology and product innovation allowing them to provide fresh produce all year round.

    As a company that seeks to develop new products in produce categories, NatureFresh Farms believes there continues to be tremendous growth potential for retailers in North America on the entire Cucumber segment. “Retailers are always looking for exciting innovations and new ways to drive categories, sales and enhance the flavor offering for their consumers. Until now, most of the seed variety innovation has revolved around the Tomato category. Our new Unveiled Mini Cucumber will help deliver some excitement for consumers and retailers alike!” explained Executive Retail Sales Account Manager; Matt Quiring. “When our discovery team first saw the Unveiled Mini Cucumber, we were attracted to the unique complexion of the product, however after tasting it, we knew instantly that there was something more to it than just looks and wanted to take this variety to the next level and go to market.”

    “This is the crunchiest Cucumber you'll ever taste!” shared Registered Dietitian Taylor Bailey. “Cucumbers are high in water, and a source of fibre and antioxidants, which makes them ideal for healthy snacking while standing out with its seemingly invisible skin and delicious crunch. The Unveiled Cucumbers are definitely a dietitian approved snack!”

  • Leamington, ON (July 18, 2019) - NatureFresh Farms announces and welcomes the newest addition, Paul Hulsbos, to their sales team as Procurement Manager based in Mexico.

    With over 21 years of experience in the agriculture industry, Paul Hulsbos will be taking on the role of Procurement Manager at NatureFresh Farms in Mexico. Among his new responsibilities, Paul will be aligning growers to support NatureFresh Farms winter programs as well as set up yearly commitments.

    Originally from the Netherlands Paul began his career in agriculture working at a family owned importer/exporter company and was responsible for sales and marketing of produce based in Holland. Since then, Paul has relocated to Mexico where he has been working to keep up with industry growth and be closer to the market.

    Excited to begin a new journey with NatureFresh Farms, Paul considers it to be a defining moment in his career. “I’m looking forward to contributing my experience to the procurement team at NatureFresh Farms while strengthening their presence in Mexico,” said Paul. “My new adventure with them is a life changing decision but one I am very much excited about.”

    General Manager; John Ketler, also shared his excitement for Paul’s arrival. “We are thrilled to have Paul join the team,” said John. “He brings a great amount of experience to this new position and will greatly assist in building relations and our efforts in year-round production in Mexico.”

    As NatureFresh Farms focuses on company growth and developing relations, Paul’s presence in Mexico will strengthen intercommunication between locations in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. NatureFresh Farms is excited for their future with the continuous expansion of their team, their advancements in technology and product innovation allowing them to provide fresh produce all year round.

  • Leamington, ON (June 16th, 2019) – The Tomato Capital of Canada, Leamington, Ontario, hosted its annual Greenhouse Vegetable Awards this past weekend at the Leamington Fair. Showcasing the best greenhouse-grown produce from leading North American growers, family-owned NatureFresh Farms was awarded many top accolades, including best overall Pepper, Tomato & Cucumber.

    NatureFresh Farms took home top awards in the following categories:

    – Best English Cucumber
    – Best Speciality Mini Pepper
    – Best Beefsteak Tomato
    – Best Cluster Tomato
    – Best Speciality Tomato for their TOMZ® Orange Cherry Tomato
    – People’s Choice Tomato for their TOMZ® Tomberry® Tomato
    – Kid’s Choice Tomato for their TOMZ® Tomberry® Tomato
    – Overall Best Cucumber for their Long English Cucumber
    – Overall Best Tomato for their TOMZ® Orange Cherry Tomato
    – Overall Best Pepper for their Red Mini Pepper

    Accepting the awards on behalf of NatureFresh Farms was Executive Retail Sales Account Manager Matt Quiring, “We have an amazing team who works very hard to ensure our produce has top-notch flavor paired with consistency. Winning the highest overall honors across the board is a great testament to what our team can accomplish; it is more than just about showcasing the best that we grow, it is about our commitment to continuing to push our categories in the right direction.”

    This is the second year in a row that NatureFresh Farms has won the Peoples Choice Award for Hottest Tomato and the Kids’ Choice Award for Hottest Tomato for their Tomberry® Tomato, an outstanding accomplishment considering the strong competition from other varieties in the market place. The Tomberry® Tomato, with a unique flavor profile & dubbed the World’s Smallest Tomato is one that has seen great response from consumers & continues to grow in demand.

    Done under secret ballot, consumers get a true blind taste test on selecting the best varieties. NatureFresh Farms has proven themselves deserving of the awards with their continuous efforts toward perfecting flavor and growing the best vegetables they can. With such strong competition, NatureFresh Farms is very proud to be taking home these meaningful awards voted and judged by the locals of Leamington.

    All funds raised from the Greenhouse Vegetable Awards go to R.E.A.C.H International. This local charity has continuously hosted this annual competition which celebrates Essex County as being the largest greenhouse industry in North America. As a recognized and registered Canadian charity, R.E.A.C.H International’s humanitarian efforts assist the poor all over the world with their main project currently in Uganda.

  • Leamington, ON (September 23rd, 2019) – NatureFresh Farms doesn’t only grow delicious produce – they also grow their people into confident, forward-thinking leaders. Cornelius Neufeld and Frank Neufeld have each been working in the greenhouse farming industry for over 20 years, gaining invaluable experience and knowledge that has accelerated their professional growth and development. In recent months, both Cornelius and Frank have taken on more prominent management roles within the NatureFresh Farms and NatureFresh Farms Sales organizations – helping each company achieve their ambitious goals for expansion and business growth.

    Cornelius began his journey with NatureFresh Farms in 2011 as a Labor Manager. In 2015, Cornelius was presented with an opportunity to start working in Delta, Ohio as the Operations Manager at a brand-new 45-acre greenhouse facility. After 4 years in this role, Cornelius has now transitioned into a more expansive role – as Operations Manager for all NatureFresh Farms facilities located in both Canada and the United States.

    For Cornelius, a new role means new opportunities to learn and work with farm-level team members in both Canada and the U.S.: “I’m excited to work alongside the great people we have at both our Canadian and American farms. I wouldn’t want to do what I do with any other company – the team at NatureFresh Farms is truly unique and the opportunities for professional development here are endless. This new role will have its challenging moments, but challenges are what make our successes that much more rewarding.”

    It was also in 2011 that Frank started working at NatureFresh Farms as a Warehouse Manager. In 2016, Frank assumed the Operations Manager role for all the company’s greenhouse facilities based in Leamington, ON, which at the time totalled 130 acres. In recent months, Frank has fully transitioned into a new role as the Sales Manager with NatureFresh Farms Sales – introducing him to a new side of the greenhouse vegetable business.

    An eager team and opportunities for exponential growth has Frank excited for his new role with NatureFresh Farms Sales: “I plan to bring even greater structure to this young company that is quickly growing and full of potential. Like my previous role allowed, I’m also looking forward to growing our Sales staff so that they can find greater professional success. This team is enthusiastic and eager to make NatureFresh Farms Sales one of the best produce marketers in the world – there is a lot to be excited about here.”

    Both Cornelius and Frank identified the same key challenge within their newroles – to ensure that, in the coming years, they find the most capable individuals to join the NatureFresh Farms and NatureFresh Farms Sales teams. As each business continues to expand and more job opportunities are created, both Cornelius and Frank agree that it is essential to find key individuals who will help bring NatureFresh Farms and NatureFresh Farms Sales to even greater heights.

  • Leamington, ON (September 30th, 2019) - NatureFresh Farms is celebrating a 20-year growing milestone with a strong start to the first season at their newly-developed 32-acre greenhouse in Leamington, ON.

    After nine months of construction, the fully completed facility measures 32 acres in total area and, to the gutter, is 7.3 meters tall. With ample space to grow hundreds of thousands of pounds of Tomato varieties for every season to come, NatureFresh Farms is growing just over 15 acres of Tomatoes-on-the-Vine and over 15 acres of a diverse range of Specialty Tomato varieties, including Red Cherry, Red Grape, and Cocktail Tomatoes.

    For their first crop, NatureFresh Farms successfully planted 235,000 Tomato plants in May 2019. With it only taking 8-9 weeks from planting to reach the first harvest of Tomatoes, their team started picking Tomatoes in June 2019 and will continue until late next Spring. A crew of 80 team members will be working everyday to pick, pack, and ship their Tomato products, with the Growers, Scouts, and Crop workers attending the plants, offering their expertise for a seamless growing season.

    Executive Retail Sales Accounts Manager Matt Quiring isn’t surprised by the great success of this new facility to meet demands for fresh local produce that is available year-round: “NatureFresh Farms made a major commitment to year-round consistency in supply, quality, and flavor five years ago when we built our greenhouse in Ohio for winter production. This allowed us to offset the typical growing season for Canada and it has been a tremendous success for our retail partners – and consumers have shown support for the USA-grown program from the start,” said Matt. “That demand continues to grow each year. We are excited to be able to offer retailers and consumers in Ontario and Canada that same consistency in supply, quality, and flavor that local products offer!”

    This state-of-the- art greenhouse is also equipped with innovative technology, creating the best growing environment possible. The use of self-driving cart systems, High-Pressure Sodium supplemental lighting fixtures, and Vertical Circulation Fans are just a few examples of the innovative technology being used in this cutting-edge facility – all of which will help the NatureFresh Farms Tomato crop grow during the winter months and produce high-quality food on a consistent basis.

    The completion of this greenhouse brings NatureFresh Farms to over 200 acres of family-owned facilities. With 20 years of providing quality greenhouse-grown vegetables all year-round, NatureFresh Farms looks forward to the future – with   continued advancements in sustainable technology and product innovation on the horizon.


  • Red Cherry on-the-Vine
    Indulge in one of the world's finest premium tomatoes. With a candy-like sweetness, this grower's choice tomato is vine-ripened to provide an unforgettable flavor experience....

  • Sustainably grown until perfectly ripe, Red Cherry on-the-Vine Tomatoes are vine-ripened to guarantee freshness and a natural sweet flavor. Distinguished by their perfectly round shape with a bright red glow, this Tomato is versatile, delicious and fresh. Eaten raw or cooked, these irresistible bite-sized Tomatoes are a great addition to any snack or meal. Indulge in one of the world’s finest Tomatoes providing an unforgettable flavor experience.

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