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Glenair Inc.  

Glendale,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 356

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Glenair is a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge connector technologies including both Mil-Spec qualified as well as commercial circular and rectangular connectors. All interconnect designs are available in environmental, filter, hermetic, and fiber optic configurations. Interconnect technologies may be supplied as either discrete components or integrated into turnkey assemblies. Glenair produces and supplies backshells, dummy stowage receptacles, protective covers, and shield termination designs in brass, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and composite thermoplastic. Glenair is also a market leader in flexible conduit / cabling systems and lightweight EMI/RFI braid for the military/Aerospace marketplace.  Glenair is your Go-To company for anything wiring related.  Superior Engineering support and Field Applications Engineers world wide provided the best in technial assistance for all our product lines.

Brands: StarPan, SuperSeal, SuperFly, TurboFlex, MasterWrap, ArmorLite, Mighty Mouse


  • StarPan
    STAR-PAN™ Tactical Soldier Systems...

  • The Battle-tested, soldier-worn USB smart data / power hub and cable solution for C4ISR Systems.The Glenair integrated STAR-PAN™ soldier data hub and power distribution system enables soldiers to optimize data and monitor power conditioning, and distribution. All STAR-PAN™ technologies, from field-proven Glenair connectors and cables to the low-profile hub enclosures, are designed for optimal size, weight, and ruggedized mil-spec performance and may be integrated into any open-system USB 2.0 and molle vest environment. STAR-PAN™ hubs feature low-profile connectors and brazed construction: no bulky bolt-on or unsealed construction leading to poor environmental or EMC performance.

  • Super Fly
    Series 88 SuperFly® Nanominiature Connectors and Cordsets...

  • The ultimate nanominiature tactical connector

    Glenair Series 88 SuperFly® represents a perfect storm of high-performance contacts, shells, wires, termination, and mating technologies. SuperFly® is the only connector series in existence that combines the weight saving and performance advantages of nanominiature, microminiature and AS39029 type (size #23) contacts in a hybrid package for battlefield communications, computing, and other high-performance applications. SuperFly® is available in factory-terminated cordsets, single-ended pigtails, and PCB termination receptacles for complete flexibility in cable and box configurations. QDC and threaded SuperFly® cordsets can ship with a variety of cabling options, including ultraflexible GhostWire or impedance-controlled twisted pairs for high-speed applications.

  • SuperSeal
    SuperSeal™ Field RJ45 and USB Connectors...

  • Ruggedized RJ45 and USB connectors with IP67 open-face sealing, robust insert-to-shell grounding, and a complete range of wire, cable, and circuit board terminations

    Glenair supplies the world's most comprehensive line of ruggedized, field RJ45 Ethernet and USB connectors. The entire SuperSeal™ series is optimized for high-speed RJ45 and USB connectivity in harsh-environment military applications such as soldier-system communications or military vehicles. SuperSeal™ enables commercial standard RJ45 and USB connectors to perform their important functions in mil-spec application environments requiring higher levels of sealing, grounding, durability, and higher performance cable and board termination options.

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